1. Sound of the Sandhills

Enjoy the Sound of the Sandhills performance throughout the game. The band puts on a fantastic show and is a can’t-miss part of any game, so sit back and enjoy the atmosphere they create during the game.

2. Gaylord the Camel

Campbell’s mascot is named after Campbell alum and Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry. He gets into all kinds of shenanigans at games and is a fun part of the festivities, so keep an eye out for Gaylord when visiting Barker-Lane Stadium.

3. Alumni Village

Stop by Alumni Village and grab a bite to eat or enjoy some pre-game entertainment. Alumni Village features food trucks, live music, kids activities, and more making it a fun place to hang out before the game.

4. Cheerleaders

Join in the cheerleaders’ cheers and chants to give the Fighting Camels as much of a home field advantage as possible. The cheerleaders do a fantastic job of pumping up the crowd making them a key part of any Campbell game.

5. Grass / RV Tailgate Lot

Those of you who are looking to throw a large tailgate party will want to set up shop in the Grass / RV Tailgate Lot. Here you’ll have plenty of room for your party, so break out the tent, grill, table, and chairs for a good time. You can even camp overnight as well making it the best place to tailgate if you love to party.

6. Campbell-Davidson Rivalry

The Campbells have a fierce rivalry with fellow North Carolina-based Pioneer League members Davidson. There are always a lot of bragging rights on the line when these two rivals meet, so make sure to be in attendance when Davidson comes to town.

7. Dance Team

Don’t miss the Campbell Dance Team’s performances during the game. The dance team will dazzle you with their routines making them a must-see part of any Campbell football game.

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