Fall in Charlotte brings the beautiful colors of not only yellows, reds, and oranges, but also black, blue, and silver for those who love Panthers football and even more importantly those who love to tailgate. Charlotte provides a perfect place for Panther fans to tailgate with its tree-lined streets and perfect fall weather.

When attending a Panther tailgate, you can never go wrong with some good barbecue. Some die-hard fans have their customized Panther themed grills and smokers. Another favorite type of food found at the Panthers tailgate is Jambalaya, which contributes to the southern style food theme provided by the outstanding barbecue you’ll find here. You’ll also find a lot of local microbrews found at the tailgates here allowing you to get a taste of the local beer as well as local food.

Bank of America’s downtown location means that even if you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up your tailgate, you’ll find plenty to join in on with Pantherfanz Central. Don’t be afraid to join in on these parties since due to southern hospitality Panthers fans are some of the friendliest and most welcoming around. Just make sure to bring something to offer or make a small donation, and you’ll make new friends quickly.


The Hall of Honor

Established in 1997, Bank of America Stadium’s Hall of Honor was created to honor individuals who made significant contributions to the Carolina Panthers organization. The only two members of the Hall are former president Mike McCormack and former linebacker Sam Mills. However, those numbers are sure to swell in the coming years with more and more Panthers history being made each day. Make sure to check out the two life-sized bronze statues next to the stadiums North entrance paying tribute to these Panthers legends.

Jerry Richardson Statue

Stop by and check out the statue of Panthers owner Jerry Richardson before entering the stadium. The one of a kind statue featuring Richardson and two panthers is quite the sight to see.

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Where to tailgate

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