1. Uptown

The stadium is specifically located in the Uptown area of downtown Charlotte, and it is truly the center of everything in the city. The area has grown into a lively downtown area, complete with shopping, parks, theaters, dining, and nightlife. Uptown is a wonderful area for fans to enjoy before, and after Panthers games.

2. The Hall of Honor

Established in 1997, Bank of America Stadium’s Hall of Honor was created to honor individuals who made significant contributions to the Carolina Panthers organization. The only two members of the Hall are former president Mike McCormack and former linebacker Sam Mills. However, those numbers are sure to swell in the coming years with more and more Panthers history being made each day. Make sure to check out the two life-sized bronze statues next to the stadiums North entrance paying tribute to these Panthers legends.

3. Panthers-Falcons Rivalry

The Panthers and Falcons have been members of the same division since the Panthers inception in 1995, which has gone a long way in creating a fierce rivalry between these two Southeast based teams. You’ll find plenty of fans of both teams making the trip when these two NFC South rivals get together as they are only separated by a four-hour trip along I-85

4. Craft Beer

A somewhat unique feature of this venue is that it offers a variety of craft beer. For beer enthusiasts, this is a major factor in the NFL games. The lower level of the stadium features The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Foothills Brewing and Natty Greene’s. They are among the many breweries serving blondes, hefeweizens, pale ales and porters at Panthers games.

5. Skyline Views

One of the best things about Bank of America Stadium is that it’s located in the center of the city of Charlotte. Therefore, the stadium offers many different views of the skyline and surrounding areas. The sights are spectacular at this stadium, especially if seated higher in the upper decks.

6. Pantherfanz Central

These diehard Panthers fans love to tailgate and are very welcoming. They’re serious about tailgating with their custom made Panthers designed BBQs and even have their own New Orleans themed tailgate, which surrounds the area with the aroma of Jambalaya. Their famous giant party bus is parked on South Cedar Street, so don’t be afraid to stop by and tailgate with some fellow fans.

7. Black and Blue Crew

The Black and Brew crew have been engaging and entertaining fans at the Bank of America Stadium since 2013. This group of men and women interact with fans before the game and as they enter the Stadium to provide fans with the best gameday experience possible. Upon entering the stadium, watch for them, since they are well equipped with shirts and other giveaways presenting an excellent opportunity to pick up a game day keepsake.

8. "Purcussion"

Perhaps the most significant tradition at Bank of America Stadium is the team’s drumline performing throughout timeouts and halftime. There aren’t many NFL teams with their drum line, and they bring a unique aspect to the experience. It gives the games more of a college football feel, which is a nice touch for fans.

9. Stadium Tours

Bank of America Stadium offers public tours of the venue consistently throughout the NFL season for up to 100 people at a time, which is truly a treat for fans because not every venue offers public tours. The natural grass, open-air stadium offers many great characteristics during the tour, including training facilities, practice fields, and administrative offices.

10. Suite 87 Club

This 7,860-square foot. Private Club features a full-service bar and billiards room. It is located in the east zone on the 300 level and can accommodate 124 members. In your membership, you’ll also receive one reserved seat with full amenity privileges, in addition to the Silver Club level lounges and dining rooms during the game, which is a great option for fans that are looking for a more high-end experience at Bank of America Stadium.

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