1. Dick Enberg Bust

Legendary broadcaster Dick Enberg is one of the most famous Central Michigan alumni, and as a result, you can find a bust of him when you enter McGuirk Arena. The bust is a must-see for any sports fan, so make sure to check it out.

2. Michigan MAC Trophy

The Michigan MAC Trophy is awarded to the winner of the three-way rivalry between Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, and Western Michigan. The Michigan Sports Hall of Fame created the trophy in 2005, and it gives the extra bragging rights to whoever wins the season series between these three in-state rivals. There is no better time to attend a Chippewas basketball game then when either Eastern or Western Michigan come to town.
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3. Toilet Paper

Before 1988, Chippewas fans used to celebrate the first Central Michigan basket by throwing toilet paper. Unfortunately, the tradition was banned by the NCAA, but it’s still one of the more unique traditions in college hoops history.

4. Rowdie

Rowdie is the official mascot of McGuirk Arena and Central Michigan hoops. You can spot Rowdie all around the arena on game days, and you never know what he’ll do next, so keep an eye out for him when attending a Chippewas basketball game.

5. "Fire Up Chips!"

The hallmark “Fire Up Chips!” greeting is used as a way of cheering, identifying fellow fans, greeting people, and is the phrase the fans will be cheering in the dying seconds of the game. Fire Up Chips is simply a way to distinguish yourself as one of the fans of the Chippewas, and the experience will be more memorable if you participate in this simple gesture.


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6. Central Michigan Athletics Hall of Fame

McGuirk Arena is home to an interactive hall of fame that pays tribute to all of the best athletes in Central Michigan history. Stop by the hall of fame and learn more about the Chippewas athletic excellence.

7. Rose Rowdies

The Rose Rowdies are the wildest and craziest fans at any Chippewas basketball game. The students go all out to support their team and provide the majority of the atmosphere inside McGuirk Arena making them one of the best parts of any Central Michigan basketball game.

8. Chanting the Team Name

The chanting of Chippewas to start the game is a time-honored tradition at Central Michigan games. Once the pre-game entrance begins, the whole crowd, in unison, starts to chant OO-WAH…CHIP-OO-WAH and repeat until the game has almost begun. Make yourself a part of the crowd by joining in on this fun pregame tradition.

9. Banners

Take in the banners hanging above the court that honor all of the best players and teams in Chippewas basketball history. The banners honor greats such as Dan Majerle and the Chips’ 1975 Sweet Sixteen team.

10. Pep Band

Central Michigan is home to one of the best marching bands in the MAC, and their pep band is pretty good too. The band performs a variety of Chips favorites including “The Fighting Chippewa” fight song, so enjoy their performance throughout the game.
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