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The first thing you’ll notice when stepping foot into Kelly/Shorts Stadium is the unbelievable atmosphere, especially from the students. The football team comes bursting out of an inflatable helmet surrounded by the smoke, charge across the field and for lack of a better description do the Lambeau leap into the student section. The team charges across the field and jumps into the front rows to greet them while the decibel levels skyrocket. Kelly/Shorts Stadium is also the biggest stadium in the MAC Conference causing the sheer amount of fans in attendance create to an obstacle for visiting teams and help the Chippewas amass one of the best home records in the country.

The student section at Central Michigan, in particular, helps provide an outstanding home field advantage. Because the fans look at each Saturday like it’s the end of the world, and act accordingly, they are one of the loudest, wildest, and proudest student sections in all of College football and make a pretty solid case to be the best student section in the MAC. The students make up over half of the crowd at each home game, and they’re not afraid to let you, and the opponents know they’re in attendance.

If you went to Western Michigan, I’d leave that information at home before heading over to CMU or prepare for some friendly banter. Overall though the fans despite their passion for their team are friendly and respectful, so you won’t be in any real danger wearing rival colors.

The intense atmosphere of a Central Michigan game makes it one of the toughest places for opponents to play as well as one of the best game day experiences in the MAC. If you love college football, then you’ll have a great time visiting Central Michigan where the fans passion and pride is on full display.

Things to check out

Hall of Champions

Located in the Indoor Athletic Complex, The Hall of Champions features shrines and exhibits honoring the greatest Chippewas of all time. Stop by and pay tribute to some of the programs best before watching an entertaining game of Chippewas football.

The Marching Chips

The Marching Chips are arguably the best band in the MAC and provide excellent in-game entertainment. Their breathtaking pregame and halftime shows are worth the price of admission all on their own so stay in your seat at halftime because you won’t want to miss their wonderful performance.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Fire Up Chips!”

    The hallmark “Fire Up Chips!” greeting is used as a way of cheering, identifying fellow fans, greeting people, and is the phrase the fans will be cheering in the dying seconds of the game. Fire Up Chips is simply a way to distinguish yourself as one of the fans of the Chippewas, and the experience will be more memorable if you participate in this simple gesture.

    Fire Up Chips!

  2. Chanting the Team Name

    The chanting of Chippewas to start the game is a time-honored tradition at Central Michigan games. Once the pre-game entrance begins, the whole crowd, in unison, starts to chant OO-WAH...CHIP-OO-WAH and repeat until the game has almost begun. Make yourself a part of the crowd by joining in on this fun pregame tradition.


  3. The Fighting Chippewa

    The official school fight song is played as the team takes the field and after every Chippewas score.

    FIGHT Central, down the field,
    FIGHT for Victory, FIGHT,
    Fellows never yield; We’re with you, oh Varsity.
    Onward with banners bold,
    to our colors we’ll be true,
    FIGHT for Maroon and Gold,
    Down the field for C.M.U.!
    VARSITY! Rah! Rah! VICTORY! Rah! Rah!
    CHIPPEWA we’re proud of that nickname.
    Hear our song loud
    and strong,
    CENTRAL is going to win this game!
    Come on and…  
    (Repeat thru “C.M.U.!”)

  4. Alma Mater, Hear Us Now

    Alma Mater, hear us now;
    ever more we praise thee.
    Hear us pledge our sacred vow,
    ever to defend thee.
    Mighty Mother, Queen of Earth eternal,
    precious emblem of our lives Supreme; Ever symbolizing truth and knowledge  in glorified esteem. Alma Mater, hear us now;
    ever more we praise thee.
    Hear us pledge our sacred vow,
    ever to defend thee.

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