1. “The End of the World” Tailgate

Central Michigan is home to one of the biggest tailgate parties in all of college football. The students here see their pregame parties “The End of the World” because they truly party like the world is ending. There is no limit to what you’ll find, see, eat, drink, or dance to at a CMU pre-game party. If you’re looking to relieve your wild college days, “The End of the World” offers the perfect place for you to do so. Join right in the heart of this wild tailgate by heading over the infamous lot 63 as you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

2. Chippewas Entrance

The football team comes bursting out of an inflatable helmet surrounded by the smoke, charge across the field and for lack of a better description do the Lambeau leap into the student section. The team charges across the field and jumps into the front rows to greet them while the decibel levels skyrocket.

3. The Marching Chips

One of the best ways to get into the Central Michigan spirit is to watch The Marching Chips as they march to the stadium. The band starts marching toward the stadium from Lot 62 and parade down the east side hill into the stadium, customarily charging into their “Ooo-Wah” cheer. As the band marches by, that is your cue to enter the stadium and get ready for what is sure to be a game day experience you won’t forget.

4. "Fire Up Chips!"

The hallmark “Fire Up Chips!” greeting is used as a way of cheering, identifying fellow fans, greeting people, and is the phrase the fans will be cheering in the dying seconds of the game. Fire Up Chips is simply a way to distinguish yourself as one of the fans of the Chippewas, and the experience will be more memorable if you participate in this simple gesture.

5. Victory Cannon

The battle for the Victory Cannon takes place each year when the Chippewas meet their instate rivals the Western Michigan Broncos. The atmosphere for this game is always spirited, and then you can cut the tension in the stadium with a knife when these two instate rivals get together.  The fans step their cheering and tailgating skills up 5 levels for this game, so if you can only make it to one Chippewas game, this is the one to be at.

6. Chanting the Team Name

The chanting of Chippewas to start the game is a time-honored tradition at Central Michigan games. Once the pre-game entrance begins, the whole crowd, in unison, starts to chant OO-WAH…CHIP-OO-WAH and repeat until the game has almost started. Make yourself a part of the crowd by joining in on this fun pregame tradition.

7. Hall of Champions

Located in the Indoor Athletic Complex, The Hall of Champions features shrines and exhibits honoring the greatest Chippewas of all time. Stop by and pay tribute to some of the programs best before watching an entertaining game of Chippewas football.

8. Tailgate Village

Tailgate Village is the perfect spot for those of you looking to tailgate, but not looking to set up your tailgate. You’ll be able to rent tents, tables, and chairs in addition to catering options. Tailgate Village also features live music from local bands and sell beer, so don’t miss out on this fun pre-game experience.

9. Michigan MAC Trophy

In addition to having a strong rivalry with fellow MAC school Western Michigan, there is also a fierce rivalry between Central and Eastern Michigan as well. All three Michigan-based MAC schools compete for the Michigan MAC Trophy, which gives yearly bragging rights whoever performs the best in the matchups between these three instate rivals.

10. "The Island"

“The Island,” located on the north side of Lot 62, offers a variety of family-friendly activities that will entertain everyone at the tailgate. Here you’ll find not only games and inflatables for kids but also music from local station 95.3 WCFX.

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