1. Richard Hallier Athletic Statues

Halton Arena is home to three statues by Richard Hallier. The statues depict the three sports that take place at Halton Arena:  men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and volleyball. Stop by each of the statues and snap a picture before the game.

2. Banners

The banners at Halton Arena celebrate the 49ers many accomplishments over the years, including Charlotte’s 1977 run to the Final Four. Take a minute before the game to check out the banners and remember your favorite 49ers moments.

3. Norm the Niner

Norm is the prospector mascot of the UNC Charlotte 49ers and can be seen entertaining fans at every 49ers athletics event. Norm’s zany antics will surely keep you entertained on game day making attending a 49ers game well worth your time.

4. The Uh-Huh Guy

This Charlotte super fan is known for making signs and leading fans in cheers at every Charlotte sporting event. He does an outstanding job of riling up the crowd, so keep your eyes peeled for him when attending a 49ers game.

5. Hornet’s Nest Trophy: Charlotte-Davidson

The Charlotte 49ers and Davidson Wildcats face off each year, and the winner walks away with the Hornet’s Nest Trophy. The 49ers lead the all-time series 27-11, so come out and support Charlotte in their quest to win the Hornet’s Nest Trophy.

6. Welcome Mural

Stop by and see the Welcome to Halton Arena Mural. The mural shows off pictures from all of the sports played at Halton Arena and is a cool thing to check out as you enter the venue.

7. Gold Dusters

The Gold Dusters dance team puts on an incredible show at 49ers basketball games. The dance team has won numerous accolades over the years including taking home first place at the 2010 NDA Summer Dance Camp, so enjoy their performances during the game.

8. Cheerleaders

The Charlotte 49ers Cheerleaders help create a spirited atmosphere inside Halton Arena. Even when the 49ers are struggling, the cheerleaders do a great job of pumping up the crowd. Join in on the cheers to show off your support for the 49ers.

9. Pep Band

Enjoy the music provided by the pep band throughout the game. The 49ers pep band will keep the energy high throughout the game with their tunes and are a big part of what makes attending a 49ers game such a special experience.

10. Bounce House

If you’re bringing the kids to the game, make sure to take them to the bounce house. The bounce house is a great time for kids and the perfect way to work out all of their energy before the game.

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