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BB&T Park is home to one of most gorgeous views in not only Minor League Baseball, but all of sports making a visit to the park an incredible experience for everyone in attendance. The new ballpark offers a much-improved location and view than the Knights former home making each visit to BB&T Park an enjoyable experience.

It’s not just the park’s location and view that making attending a Knights game a great time for any baseball fan. A Knights game provides you with the opportunity to get autographs from future stars and is also home to plenty of fun kids activities. Families will love taking in a game in Charlotte as the Rookie Play Zone will keep kids entertained throughout the game and the lovable Homer the Dragon is a favorite among young fans as well.

Another must-see of at any Knights game is the dragon statue in centerfield. The statue lights up and breathes smoke after every Knights home run and win, so hope that the Knights hit a lot of dingers during your visit to BB&T Ballpark.

Families and baseball fans will have a fun time taking in a game at the beautiful BB&T Ballpark, so stop by and taking in a game during your next visit to Charlotte.

Things to check out


Stop by the autograph areas before the game to get autographs from all your favorite Knights players and coaches. Autographs are a great keepsake from the game, especially for kids.

Centerfield Dragon Statue

The dragon statue in centerfield is a must-see for anyone taking in a game at BB&T Ballpark especially after Knights’ home runs and wins. The statue breathes smoke after each home run and win, so enjoy the show during your trip to Charlotte.

Rookie Play Zone

If you’re taking the kids to the game, then stop by the Rookie Play Zone. The Rookie Play Zone is located on the end of the main concourse on the first base side and features a variety of kids activities making it the perfect place for kids to work out their restless energy before and during the game.

Knights Armor Shoppe

Pick up a souvenir from your trip to BB&T Ballpark at the Knights Armor Shoppe. The Knights Armor Shoppe is home to just about any kind of Knights gear you could want including t-shirts, caps, and much more.

Homer the Dragon

Homer the Dragon is the official mascot of the Charlotte Knights and a must-see for fans, particularly younger fans. Be on alert for Homer throughout the game as you never know what kind of shenanigans he’ll get into next, and if you’re lucky you may even be able to get a picture with him.

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