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The Charlotte Motor Speedway has been hosting NASCAR races since it opened in 1960 and many NASCAR drivers have their home base in the Charlotte area making a trip to the Charlotte Motor Speedway a special experience. You’ll find fans of a wide variety of drivers here giving the crowd a fun feel as there is no clear cut favorite. Often you’ll hear competing cheers throughout the speedway creating a fun and festive atmosphere.

The fact a lot of NASCAR drivers and teams are based around Charlotte also means that the Charlotte Motor Speedway is the home of the NASCAR All-Star Race. If you’re looking to see the best and most popular drivers compete on the same track, then you can’t beat the All-Star Race. Like all All-Star events, the All-Star Race is an incredible event to take in making it one of the best times to take in a race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Not to be outdone, the two other annual NASCAR races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway are also incredible events to be a part of. The Coca-Cola 600 is a great way for any NASCAR fan to spend Memorial Day weekend. The race also is home to a one of a kind atmosphere as the race starts during the day but ends at night, which creates three distinct phases of the race. The Bank of America 500 is also an excellent race to take in at the Charlotte Motor Speedway as it happens during the playoffs and is always one of the biggest races of the season.

In addition to hosting some of the biggest and best NASCAR races of the season, the Charlotte Motor Speedway is also home to the NHRA Carolina Nationals and World of Outlaws World Finals. These two races are quite popular among drag racing and off-road racing fans, and you’ll always find a big crowd when attending one of these events.

Lastly, you’ll have a great time visiting the Charlotte Motor Speedway even if you aren’t going to a major race. The speedway is home to excellent daily tours including the Feel the Thrill Speedway Tour and Over the Wall Tour. There are also several driving experiences to check out as well including the NASCAR Racing Experience, which is perfect for any NASCAR fan.

If you’re a racing fan, then you can’t beat a trip to the Charlotte Motor Speedway where the big races, excellent tours, and unforgettable driving experiences make it one of the best race tracks in the country.

Things to check out

Feel the Thrill Speedway Tour

Whether you're coming to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for a major race or not, take the Feel the Thrill Speedway Tour to see what goes on behind the scenes. The tour takes you down Pit Road, to the NASCAR Cup Series Garage, and even lets you take a picture in the Winner’s Circle.

Over the Wall Tour

The Over the Wall Tour gives you the opportunity to see everything in the Feel the Thrill Tour, while also giving you access to The Speedway Club and the Performance Racing Network studios. The Over the Wall Tour is too good to pass up, so no matter when you’re visiting the Charlotte Motor Speedway take some time to take the Over the Wall Tour.

STEM Field Trip

The STEM Field Trip is only offered during Non-Event times, but is a great way for kids to learn about the science of racing. The 2.5-hour tour is perfect for school groups and features five stations.

Pit Pass+Pit Party

The Pit Pass + Pit Party gives you exclusive access to Race Day Pit Party Q&A session as well as pit road. The pass is a great way to see all of your favorite drivers before the race.

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Driver Intro+Pit Pass

The Driver Intro+Pit Pass is another way for you to get up close to your favorite driver before the race. This pass gives you access to not only the Pit Party and pit road but also front row access to the driver introductions.

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Driving Experiences

Never fear if you can’t make it to a race weekend. The Charlotte Motor Speedway offers driving experiences every weekend there isn’t a major race giving you the opportunity to live your dream of being a NASCAR driver. The NASCAR Racing Experience, Richard Petty Driving Experience, and others are all excellent ways to spend a summer weekend.

Bojangles’ Pole Night

If you’re attending the Bank of America 500, then make sure to get into town early to catch the Bojangles’ Pole Night, which takes place two nights before the race. The Bojangles’ Pole Night features all kinds of racing action including knockout qualifying for the Bank of America 500 and the Better Half Dash making it a must-see.

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