The tailgate scene at the Charlotte Motor Speedway is all about camping. Here in Charlotte, you’ll find a wide variety of camping options meaning no matter what kind of experience you’re looking for you’ll find it here.

The Charlotte Motor Speedway offers not only full-service camping but also several premium camping experiences that will put you right on top of all the action on the track. If you love camping and want a great view of the track, then you won’t be able to beat Turn 2 Overlook Camping or the 600 Terrace, both of which offer great views of Turns 1 and 2.

Not only does camping at the Charlotte Motor Speedway offer you the opportunity to watch the race from your RV you’ll also make lots of friends camping out for the race. There is a lot of camaraderie between NASCAR fans and the party atmosphere surrounding the campsites here create a good time for any NASCAR fan.

Camping isn’t the only way to spend some time before the race. The Charlotte Motor Speedway also offers some of the best pre-race tours around including the Laps and Taps Tour. Those of you who love NASCAR and craft beer will have a fantastic time taking the Laps and Taps Tour, which takes you to two local breweries and around the track. The Hall of Fame Tour and Race Shop Tour are also must-see tours for any diehard NASCAR fans. The Hall of Fame Tour takes you through the NASCAR Hall of Fame where you can see tributes and memorabilia from all of the best drivers of the past, and the Race Shop Tour lets you see where your favorite teams prepare for the race.

Finally, the Charlotte Motor Speedway offers plenty of family friendly pre-race entertainment including a family camping area and a Kids Zone. The family camping area is the perfect place to camp with the kids before the race as it offers a more relaxed camping atmosphere and the Kid Zone is home to all kinds of games and activities geared towards kids.

Whether you’re looking to let loose and party hard or just want a fun family weekend, the Charlotte Motor Speedway is a great place to camp out or tailgate before the race.


Pre-Race Concerts

All of the major NASCAR races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway feature pre-race concerts, so make sure to arrive early and catch these fantastic pregame performances. Nothing gets you pumped up for race day quite like a pre-race concert featuring your favorite musicians.

Laps and Taps Tour

If you love beer and NASCAR, then there is no better way to spend some time before the race than the Laps and Taps Tour. The Laps and Taps Tour takes you to popular local breweries “Cabarrus Brewing Company” and “Twenty-Six Acres Brewing Company” as well as around the track. The tour is the perfect way to get your tailgate drinking started early as the tour leaves at noon.

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Trackside Tram Tour

Learn more about the history of the Charlotte Motor Speedway and see the pre-race preparations with the Trackside Tram Tour. The Trackside Tram Tour even lets you climb the 24-degree banking.

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Hall of Fame Tour

No trip to the Charlotte Motor Speedway is complete without taking a tour of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is a must-see for any NASCAR fan, so get your tickets for this tour today.

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Race Shop Tour

Another must-see tour at the Charlotte Motor Speedway is the Race Shop Tour. The Race Shop Tour allows you to see where your favorite racing team prepares for the race, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity during your trip to Charlotte.

Fan Zone

Located in front of Gate 6 to 8, the Fan Zone is home to vendors, activities, and more. There is plenty of entertainment here, so stop by and check it out before the race.

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Kids Zone

The Kids Zone is the perfect place to take the kids before the race as it's home to all kinds of children’s activities and games.

Fan Days

During the week leading up to the races, lots of teams host fan days at their shops. These fan days are a fantastic opportunity for you to see what happens behind the scenes of your favorite race teams and a great chance to grab an autograph, so make sure to check them out.

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