In Chicago, tailgating is as much a part of the lifeblood of the city as the Bears. If there is one thing Chicagoans love it’s grilled meat and after that it would probably be a close race between beer and da Bears. You’ll find one of the best tailgating scenes anywhere in the NFL when attending a game at Soldier Field, so come prepared to fire up the grill and throw back a few brewskis with a great group of fans.

The first thing needed for any tailgate is good food, and when it comes to food, Chicago is almost unbeatable! If you’re in the mood for hot dogs then you’ve come to the right place, just make sure they are Chicago-style with a poppy seed bun, tomato, mustard, onion, sweet relish, dill pickles, sports peppers, and some celery salt. After polishing off a hot dog to get you started, you can move on up to a polish sausage or Italian beef. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you should opt for the Chicago tailgating specialty, Grilled Krispy Kreme donuts!  Just replace a traditional hamburger bun with two donuts, and you will have a unique Chicago tailgating experience.

After enjoying some of Chicago’s famous cuisine, you’ll need to wash it down with an ice-cold beer. Bears fans are big beer drinkers so it will not be uncommon to find people lounging around and throwing back a few brews. Other drinks are welcome, but beer is the way to go! Sit back and enjoy a cold one while talking with fellow Bears fans about what happened last week or if like most weeks you want to forget about what happened last week you can always discuss the greatest team in the history of the game, the ‘85 Bears.

One warning, though, make sure to get to Soldier Field early since the lots tend to fill up quickly and tailgating space is a bit limited. Early arrival will, however, ensure you can maximize your time tailgating, so come on down to Soldier Field five or so hours before kickoff to get your Bears game day started off on the right foot.


Fiesta Bob

Before games, fans should check out Fiesta Bob and his game day rally speeches. He can be found wearing bright orange beads, a bushy mustache and a jersey with “Fiesta Bob” embroidered on the back. Fiesta Bob has been tailgating for over 20 years and makes a speech before every home game. That’s a devout fan!

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Ultimate Tailgate

The Miller Lite Ultimate Tailgate is a great place to hang out before the game early in the season. At the Ultimate Tailgate, you’ll have the chance to get autographs from former Bears as well as grab a quick bite to eat or something to drink. If you’re not looking to go through the effort to set up your tailgate party, then the Ultimate Tailgate is the perfect place to pregame before entering Soldier Field.

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The Memorial Water Wall

The 250-foot long granite wall features a continuous stream of water that flows over eight medallions and seals honoring the different branches of the armed services. The water wall is located on the north side of the stadium and provides fans with a dramatic entrance into Soldier Field.

85' Bears & the Superbowl Shuffle

The 1985 Chicago Bears have gone down as the best ever in the NFL, and Chicago fans still talk about. We're sure you'll hear the Superbowl Shuffle at some point, as well as hear people talk about them!

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Party Atmosphere

Chicago Bears Fans love to party, and love to drink. You'll find plenty of people chugging and slamming beers as fast as possible, to prevent paying the $9 Beer Prices!

Blue & Orange

You will see an incredible amount of Blue and Orange while walking through the tailgates. Chicago Bears fans get 100 decked out!

Where to tailgate

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