1. Michael Jordan Statue

The Michael Jordan statue found at the United Center is one of the most famous statues in all of sports. The statue honors the greatest player in Bulls and NBA history, so make sure to snap a picture with the statue during your visit to the United Center.

2. Chicago Bulls Intro

The hair-raising Bulls player introduction is one of the most iconic in all of sports and one of the best parts of attending a Bulls game. Get to your seat early so you don’t miss a second of this breathtaking intro.

3. NBA Championship Trophies

Near the section 117 you can take a look at the Bulls six Larry O’Brien Trophies. The trophy case at the United Center is a must see and an excellent chance for you to see the Larry O’Brien Trophy up close.

4. Scottie Pippen Statue

In 2011, the Bulls unveiled a statue to honor Jordan’s partner in crime, Scottie Pippen. Stop by the statute near the Gate 7 entrance to get the most out of your visit to Chicago

5. Benny the Bull

Benny the Bull has been the Bulls mascot since 1969 and is one of the most energetic mascots in the NBA. Benny performs a variety of different antics during games and is sure to put a smile on your face so be on the lookout for him during the game.

6. Johnny “Red” Kerr Statue

Kerr served as the Bulls broadcaster for 35 years and was the team’s first head coach in 1966-67 so stop by the statue honoring him to pay tribute to the Bulls pre-Jordan history.

7. LuvaBulls

These dancers are a beloved part of any Bulls game and one of the main attractions outside of the Bulls themselves of course. Stay glued to your seat during the LuvaBulls routines as you wouldn’t want to miss a second.

8. Bucket Boys

The Bucket Boys have been performing all over the city for years and are your chance to see some of the best street performers the city has to offer. Bulls fans and visiting fans alike love the Bucket Boys.

9. Stampede Drumline

The Stampede Drumline is an insanely talented drum line who will pump you up with their energetic performance. Nothing gets the crowd on its feet faster than a performance by the Stampede Drumline.

10. BreakaBulls

The BreakaBulls dance group perform some electrifying moves during the breaks in the action. You won’t want to miss these incredible breakdancers so keep your eyes glued to the court during stoppages.

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