1. The Ivy

All over the outfield walls is the famous ivy that Wrigley Field is known for. As the only ballpark to have an ivy-covered wall, Wrigley’s outfield is one of the prettiest in all of baseball. The Ivy starts out as only vines but blooms into the leafy ivy that grows thick and green over the course of the summer.

2. Batting Practice

The Chicago Cubs are one of the few teams to offer access for ticket holders who want to watch batting practice. Take advantage of this opportunity and arrive two hours before the first pitch to check out the Cubbies while they practice.

3. Statues of Cubs Legends

When taking in a game at Wrigley Field, be sure to check out the statues of Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Ernie Banks, and Cubs broadcasting legend Harry Caray outside the stadium. The statues do a great way of honoring these Cubs legends and are a must-see for any baseball fan.

4. Wrigleyville

Unfortunately, Wrigley Field doesn’t allow tailgating but not to worry! Wrigleyville has over 80 bars and restaurants and everything in between to pre-game and celebrates game day.

5. Hand-Turned Scoreboard

Wrigley Field is one of the last baseball parks (aside from Fenway) that still uses a hand-turned scoreboard, keeping in line with the rest of the stadium’s traditional vibe. Keep track of the score with the iconic scoreboard during your trip to Wrigley.

6. Main Entry Marquee

Over the main entrance of the stadium is the iconic marquee that was installed in 1924, then later painted to its current color of red in 1960. It is one of the most historic features of Wrigley Field and a symbol of great pride on the north side of Chicago.

7. Wrigley Field Tour

Almost every ballpark in the country offers a tour, but at Wrigley, it’s truly worth the extra money to see the park in its entirety. At over 100 years old, it’s a big piece of baseball history that fans won’t want to miss.

8. White Flag After Victories

After victories at Wrigley Field, fans will wave a white flag with a big blue “W” on it commemorating the win for the Cubbies. The expression waging the white flag means something completely different in Wrigleyville, so come prepared to fly the W after a Cubs victory.

9. Throw it Back

While many fans would love to catch a homerun ball, at Wrigley Field you’ll get pressured into throwing it back if it’s from the opposing team. Fans will start to chant “Throw it back!” and you’ll have to decide what to do!

10. Bleacher Seats

If you want the true fan experience, then sitting in the bleachers is a must. The fans here are normally die-hard Cubs fans and are not afraid to show their North Side pride. It gets pretty rowdy over here so be ready to party and get there early as seats are unassigned.

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