1. Pub to Pitch

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of driving to the game or want to experience some of the best soccer bars Chicago has to offer, then take the Pub to Pitch. The Pub to Pitch bus picks Fire fans up at bars located throughout the city and is an excellent way to drink and party before the game.

2. Illinois Soccer Hall of Fame

Located behind Sections 132 and 133, the Illinois Soccer Hall of Fame honors the best soccer players in the history of Illinois. You’ll also find a bunch of memorabilia from throughout the state here as well, so make sure to check it out.

3. Fire Tailgate Ambulance

Make sure to check out Raul Jimenez’s Fire themed tailgate ambulance when tailgating before a Fire game. The tricked out tailgate vehicle can be found in the North Lot and is a must-see for any diehard Fire fan.

4. Section 8

Section 8 is the biggest Chicago Fire supporter group and is located in the Harlem End. They get their name from the section they occupied when the Fire played at Soldier Field and if you’re looking to take in a game surrounded by the most diehard fans at SeatGeek Stadium then make sure to get tickets in Section 8.

5. Ring of Fire

Established in 2003, The Ring of Fire honors those who have made the club successful over the years. A new member is chosen each year by the existing members making it an exclusive honor to be a member of the Ring of Fire. Take some time before the game to check out The Ring of Fire.

6. Section 8 Tailgate

Located in the North Lot, the Section 8 Tailgate is the perfect spot for anyone looking to tailgate with diehard Fire fans. The supporter group tailgate features everything you would want in a tailgate including burgers, hot dogs, and even a keg. Just make sure to bring a $5 donation.

7. Secret Latino

Sector Latino is another supporter group and can be found in stadium’s southweste corner. Like Section 8, Sector Latino lives and dies with the Fire, so join in on the chants and show your support.

8. Fire Fest

Fire Fest is a family-friendly pregame area located inside Gate B. Here you’ll find inflatables and other games that are perfect for fans of all ages. If you’re bringing the family to the game stop by Fire Fest, which starts two hours before kickoff.

9. Sparky the Dalmatian

Sparky is the official mascot of the Chicago Fire, and a can’t miss aspect of any game for the little ones. Keep an eye out for Sparky and give him a hug or high five if you see him.

10. Chicago Fire Fan Shop

Those of you looking to pick up some Fire gear at the game will want to stop by the Fire Fan Shop. The shop is home to all kinds of Fire merchandise making it the perfect place to pick up a souvenir from your trip to SeatGeek Stadium.

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