Tailgating is serious business for Bengals fans. The most well-known group, the Bengals Bomb Squad, can be found in Lot 1, but tailgating occurs in lots north of the practice fields and around Longworth Hall as well. In Cincinnati, you’ll find the parking lots filled with tents, grills, and coolers as the fans party hard in preparation for a Bengals game.

One unique aspect of tailgating at a Bengals game is the fact the tailgate scene here isn’t confined to just a few stadium lots; rather it spreads out throughout not only the entire city but even across the state border. Tailgates happen in college and high school parking lots for Bengals games as well as town squares such as Fountain Square. Bengals pregame parties also extend across state lines as the city’s proximity to the Ohio-Kentucky border means that often people park across the river in Kentucky.

Regardless of where you’re tailgating, you’ll surely have a great time as the Bengals fans put on a great tailgate in addition to being very warm and friendly.


Queen City Riverboat

One way to arrive at the game is via riverboat. You can be picked up for $5 at the Hooters in Newport and be taken by water taxi to the game. The Queen City Riverboat begins boarding two hours before kickoff and serves beer and food from Hooters.

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The Jungle Zone

The Jungle Zone located on the east plaza level of Paul Brown Stadiums offers a place for fans to enjoy some pre-game entertainment. Here you’ll find a variety of activities including live music, games, and more. If you’re looking for something to do before kickoff head on over to the Jungle Zone where you’ll surely have a great time.

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Bud Light Tailgate Zone

If the revelry of Bengals fans in the parking lots isn’t your speed, the Bud Light Tailgate Zone at Freedom Way has free admission for fans before the game. Beer and food are cheaper here than in the stadium, and there’s also live music, games, and other activities.

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Where to tailgate

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  1. Coming down from toronto canada. Bring bbq and lots of food. We have a big truck. Need a good party place as we have . DJ speaker also. Want to be at the hot spot. Can u help me out. We are 8 guys in our early 50s that can still party

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