1. Who Dey Chant

This famous chant that originated in 1980 can be heard throughout Bengals games. The crowd chants, “Who dey, who dey, who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?” Everyone together then responds, “Nobody!” Make sure to join in on this Bengals tradition to get into the game day spirit.

2. Bengals Bomb Squad Tailgate

If you’re looking for the best tailgate party around, then look no further than the Bengals Bomb Squad. They can be found in Lot 1 and offer the complete tailgating experience with tons of food, drinks, and plenty of pregame entertainment.


3. Jungle Zone

The Jungle Zone located on the east plaza level of Paul Brown Stadium offers a place for fans to enjoy some pre-game entertainment. Here you’ll find a variety of activities including live music, games, and more. If you’re looking for something to do before kickoff head on over to the Jungle Zone where you’ll surely have a great time.

4. Queen City Riverboat

One way to arrive at the game is via riverboat. You can be picked up for $5 at the Hooters in Newport and be taken by water taxi to the game. The Queen City Riverboat begins boarding two hours before kickoff and serves beer and food from Hooters.

5. Bud Light Tailgate Zone

If the revelry of Bengals fans in the parking lots isn’t your speed, the Bud Light Tailgate Zone at Freedom Way has free admission for fans before the game. Beer and food are cheaper here than in the stadium, and there’s also live music, games, and other activities.

6. Who Dey Melt

It can be cold in the late autumn during a Bengals game, and there’s no better hot food option at PBS than the Who Dey Melt. It’s a grilled cheese with bacon and mac n cheese.

7. Cheese Coney Dogs

Chili is the favorite dish in Cincinnati, and Gold Star Chili offers the classic southwestern Ohio way of eating a hot dog. It’s topped with chili, onions, mustard, and the largest mound of shredded Cheddar cheese you’ll find on any food item. You can get them in a 20-pack “Coney Crate” if you have a big crowd to feed or are feeling particularly adventurous that day.

8. Ben-Gals

The Ben-Gals are the official cheer team and have been providing in-game entertainment for the team since 1968. Look for the Ben-Gals to get everyone pumped to cheer on the Bengals to victory.

9. Bengals Growl

Bengals Growl is the official fight song of the Cincinnati Bengals and is often played throughout games as the Bengals are sure to score a lot. Learn the lyrics to this song so that you can join along with the rest of the crowd.

10. Who Dey Mascot

Who Dey are a Bengal tiger and the official mascot of the Cincinnati Bengals! Who Dey provides entertainment to the fans during the game and is a beloved by young Bengal fans, so look out for Who Dey at your next Bengals game.

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