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The Cincinnati Reds fans are known as some of the most energetic, passionate, and loyal fans in all of baseball, and it doesn’t take a lot of analysis to understand why! Baseball is a huge part of Cincinnati’s culture, and it shines through in the fans. No matter how the Reds are doing, you’ll find a crowd of adoring fans file into Great American Ball Park. The people here just truly love baseball and the Reds creating an unforgettable atmosphere that you won’t soon forget.

The fans aren’t the only thing that makes attending a game at GABP a fantastic experience, the stadium itself is also top notch. GABP is home to excellent sightlines, and you won’t find a bad seat in the the house, but what really sets GABP apart is the history on display inside and outside the stadium. Crosley Terrace, the Hall of Fame & Museum, and the murals and displays around the stadium all go a long way in bringing the history of the Reds to life at GABP.

If you love incredible fans and baseball history, then a trip to see a Reds game at GABP is a must for you. Plan your trip today to experience one of the best game days Major League Baseball has to offer.

Things to check out


Yes, cheerleaders! The Cincinnati Reds are only one of the few teams in Major League Baseball to have cheerleaders, so it’s quite a treat for fans to find cheerleaders to cheer along with them.

Concessions for $1

The $1 concessions are a great deal for Reds fans! Especially for those who want to enjoy the thrill of the game without having buy overpriced game food. The only downside is that the lines can be quite long, so if you're looking to grab some of these cheap concessions make sure to arrive early.

Sun/Moon Deck

It’s common for Reds fans to say that out of all the seats in Great American Ball Park, there isn’t a bad one in the house. Even the cheapest seat give you an amazing view of the game! However, while it is true that there are no bad seats in the Great American Ball Park, there has to be the best one… right? And one the best place to take in a Reds game is the Sun/Moon deck! The seats on the deck are fantastic, not only do they give you a great view of the game, but they also give you an incredible view of the city of Cincinnati and allow you to catch a breeze from the Ohio River!

Power Stacks

In right center field are two smokestacks resembling those of 18th and 19th-century steamboats. The stacks are a tribute to Cincinnati’s past and flash lights, emit flames, and launch fireworks to celebrate Reds home runs and wins. Don’t miss the Power Stacks light up when the Reds hit a homer at GABP.

Big Red Machine Mural

Among the many murals and photo displays at GABP is a mural honoring the Reds legendary Big Red Machine. The Big Red Machine dominated the 70s winning four NL titles and two World Series. Check out the mural to remember all of your favorite Reds from that era including Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan.

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Kids Area

Located down the first baseline, the kids area at GABP is the perfect place to take restless kids during the game. The kids area is home to a playground and a wiffle ball field giving kids plenty of ways to work out their excess energy.


The Reds are known to have a lot of mascots (4 to be exact). And these are Mr. Red, Rosie Red, Mr. Redlegs, and the fuzzy Gapper! This a unique thing for the Reds and the Reds fans because this would only mean 4x the fun!!

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Fight Songs

  1. Hooray for the Cincinnati Reds

    Hooray for the Cincinati Reds,
    The first team in the history of baseball,

    From Ohio o’er the plains it has been said,
    That we play with our might and give ’em a fight,

    For we are the best of them all! Three cheers for the Cincinnati Reds, With Bench, Rose, Kluszewski and Perez

    We did it before, we’ll do it again,
    For we are the champs, we’ll fight to the end,

    We are the Cincinnati Reds!

  2. Red Hot

    1990 Reds Rap

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