Clemson Tigers Overview

Fast facts

League: ACC

Head Coach: Brad Brownell

Team Mascot: The Tiger

Year Opened: 1968

Capacity: 9000

City / State: Clemson / South Carolina

Rivalries & Top Games to Attend

Clemson vs South Carolina

Rival Team: South Carolina Gamecocks

Unlike other college basketball rivalries, the rivalry between Clemson and South Carolina runs much deeper than the hardwood. The two schools were founded 88 years apart as Clemson was established to satisfy the agrarian movement’s request for more agricultural education after South Carolina refused to expand their agriculture program. On the court, the two teams have met 167 times with the Gamecocks holding a 90-77 lead, so don’t miss it when South Carolina comes to town.

Clemson Tigers Stadium Guide

In Game

Clemson’s Littlejohn Arena has earned a reputation as one of the toughest places for opponents to play, particularly those who come in with a top 10 ranking. The Tigers have knocked off several #1 opponents at home, so you’ll be in for a treat if you’re attending a game against a top team.

Football may be the top sport at Clemson, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a passionate basketball fan base at Clemson. Clemson students and Tigers fans come out in strong numbers to support their team when they take on the best of the best. However, sometimes the crowd can be a bit sparse against lesser teams. Even when the crowd isn’t as intense, you’ll still have a fun time talking with the knowledgeable die-hards who show up to every Clemson home game win or lose.

In addition to passionate fan support, Littlejohn Coliseum is also home to numerous tributes to Clemson’s illustrious athletics history. The arena is home to the Clemson Hall of Fame, which is a must-see for any college sports fan out there. If the Clemson Hall of Fame isn’t enough for you, Littlejohn Coliseum also has many banners to see and the tiger statue outside the arena presents an excellent photo op.

Lastly, Clemson offers plenty of places to hang out before or after the game and is home to beautiful weather all year long. Make sure to stop by the Esso Club or Friars Tavern if you’re looking to grab a drink within walking distance of the arena.

A trip to Clemson presents a great chance to see an upset as the Tigers have a penchant for knocking off top-ranked opponents at home. It also offers an outstanding chance to see some Clemson history and enjoy some nice weather in the dead of winter, so book your trip today.

Things to check out

Clemson Hall of Fame

Make sure to check out the Clemson Hall of Fame before the game. The Hall of Fame honors all of the best athletes and coaches in Clemson history and is a must-see for any college sports fan. Take some time to remember all of the Tigers greats by visiting this cool exhibit.

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Tiger statue

Outside of the arena is a giant Tiger statue. Stop by the statue and take a picture to commemorate your trip to Littlejohn Coliseum.

Trophy Case

Inside Littlejohn Coliseum is a trophy case full of a variety of different awards won by Clemson athletics over the years. Appreciate the best of the best in Clemson history by visiting the trophy case.


All around Littlejohn Coliseum you’ll see banners honoring the best players and teams in Clemson basketball history. There are many hanging from the rafters to check out, and each corner contains a banner honoring one of the players who had his number retired by the team, so take it all in.

The Tiger

The Tiger has been entertaining Clemson fans at games since 1954. Over the years, he has become a big part of the Clemson game day tradition so don’t miss him when attending a Tigers basketball game.

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Pep Band

Clemson is home to an incredible marching band, and the pep band at Clemson basketball games is also great. The band plays many Clemson favorites including “Tiger Rag” so enjoy their performance throughout the game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Tiger Rag “Song that Shakes the Southland

    This famous jazz standard has a special place at Clemson as it is the school’s fight song. Fans love to belt out the spelling of Clemson at the end of the song as they root for their team to victory. Join in on the chant at the end of “Tiger Rag” to show your support for the Tigers.

    Long ago way down in the jungle
    Someone got an inspiration for a tune
    And that jingle came from the jungle
    Became famous mighty soon
    Thrills and chills it sends through you
    Hot so hot it burns you too
    Though it’s just the growl of the Tiger
    It was written in a syncopated way
    More and more they yell for the Tiger
    Everywhere you go today, they’re shoutin:
    Where’s that Tiger?
    Where’s that Tiger?
    Where’s that Tiger?
    Where’s that Tiger?
    Hold that Tiger!
    Hold that Tiger!
    Hold that Tiger!

  2. Alma Mater

    The alma mater is played after each game and accompanied by the Alma Mater Salute

    Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness,
    Where the Tigers play,
    Here the sons of dear old Clemson
    Reign supreme alway.

    Dear old Clemson we will triumph,
    And with all our might,
    That the Tiger’s roar may echo
    O’er the mountain height.

    We will dream of greater conquests
    For our past is grand.
    And her sons have fought and conquered
    Every foreign land.

    Where the mountains smile in grandeur
    O’er the hill and dale,
    Here the Tiger lair is nestling
    Swept by storm and gale.

    We are brothers strong in manhood,
    For we work and strive.
    And our Alma Mater reigneth
    Ever in our lives.

  3. Tiger Rah!

    Tiger Rah!
    Tiger Rah!
    We will fight, fight, fight for every win!
    Our Alma Mater reign supreme alway,
    Spirit, power, pride within!
    Tiger Rah!
    Tiger Rah!
    We have victory in our sight!
    And the orange Tiger Paw will shine,
    Hail! Hail! Hail! To Clemson might!

  4. C-L-E-M-S-O-N

    Start this cheer by chanting C-L-E-M and other fans will join in by chanting 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, C-L-E-M-S-O-N T-I-G-E-R-S, FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT TIGERS, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!





Clemson Tigers Bars & Restaurants

  1. Nick’s Tavern and Deli

    cocktail drink orange

    Veteran watering hole offering pub grub, beer & cocktails amid playful decor, plus live music.

    107 Sloan St, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  2. Backstreets Pub & Grill


    Founded in 1992, Backstreets soon grew into a popular Clemson hangout, a place to meetup with friends and meet new ones.

    102 Earle St #2, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - sportsbar - $$$

  3. TD’s of Clemson

    Mulligans Pub beer

    We have the best food around and an atmosphere to match. Try us and you'll be convinced!

    339 College Ave, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  4. Tiger Town Tavern


    Veteran bar with a private club upstairs & a beer/pool hall downstairs, serving comfort food.

    368 College Ave, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  5. Esso Club

    Half Barrel

    Raucous outdoor institution with a bar menu located on the lot of a historic service station.

    129 Old Greenville Hwy, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  6. Rick Erwin’s Clemson Restaurant

    Rick Erwins

    The elegant feel of the contrast of white linens and rich wood pieces welcome you as soon as you walk in.

    127 Market Street, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$$

  7. Dyar’s Diner

    Jumping Js sandwich Mutineer Restaurant Sandwich

    Dyar's Diner is a family restaurant serving up delicious Southern food in Pendleton, South Carolina.

    2216 Old Greenville Hwy, Pendleton, SC 29670, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  8. Sardi’s Den

    Sardis Den

    Booth-lined eatery known for barbecue ribs, peel 'n' eat shrimp, wings & catered tailgate parties.

    520 Old Greenville Hwy, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  9. Clemson Ice Cream

    ice cream on a cone

    The '55 Exchange is a student-run business enterprise that designs, manufactures, sells and serves Clemson’s world famous Ice Cream, Shakes, Coffee Chillers, and Smoothies.

    720 McMillan Rd, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - cafe - $

  10. Super Taco

    Super Taco

    BYOB counter-serve eatery dishing out familiar Mexican & Tex-Mex eats, with housemade tortillas.

    391 Old Greenville Hwy, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    mexican - $

  11. Pixie & Bill’s

    Pixie and Billies

    Opening in 1971, this classic prime rib, steak and seafood house has become more than a tradition for locals and Clemson University Alumni to gather.

    1058 Tiger Blvd, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - bbq - steakhouse - $$

  12. Skins Hotdogs

    Skins Hotdogs

    Since 1946, nobody has cooked a hot dog quite like Skin Thrasher’s. With their special blend of pork and beef hotdogs, no doubt you'll have the best time.

    321 McGee Rd, Anderson, SC 29625, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  13. Blue Heron Restaurant

    Blue Heron

    The longest standing sushi bar in Clemson provides the freshest tuna, farm raised salmon, hamachi, snapper and shellfish.

    134 Exchange St, Pendleton, SC 29670, USA


    Bar website

    asian - steakhouse - $$

  14. Calhoun Corners

    Calhoun Corner

    Offers Angus beef, fresh seafood and fish, duck, lamb, chicken, pork, trout and vegetarian dishes

    103 Clemson St, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - steakhouse - $$

  15. Todaro Pizza

    Custom Pizza Co Pizza Elizabeths Pizza Pizza Colonnade PIzza Restaurant Pizza

    Low-key counter serve to offer straightforward thin-crust pizza, plus stromboli, calzones & salads.

    105 Sloan St, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    italian - pizza - $

  16. Pot Belly Deli

    Pot belly Deli

    Offers a diverse menu of breakfast, lunch and supper choices!

    109 Wall St, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - $$

  17. Mac’s Drive-In

    Macs Drive In

    Mac's offers homemade hamburgers, beer-battered onion rings, milkshakes and sweet tea.

    404 Pendleton Rd, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    american - $

  18. Columbo’s Pizza

    Imos Pizza Pizza

    Casual pizza parlor with Chicago-style pies, a salad bar & a menu of sandwiches, pasta & calzones.

    203 Pendleton Rd, Clemson, SC 29631, USA


    Bar website

    pizza - $