1. Clemson Hall of Fame

Make sure to check out the Clemson Hall of Fame before the game. The Hall of Fame honors all of the best athletes and coaches in Clemson history and is a must-see for any college sports fan. Take some time to remember all of the Tigers greats by visiting this cool exhibit.

2. "Tiger Rag" Song that Shakes the Southland

This famous jazz standard has a special place at Clemson as it is the school’s fight song. Fans love to belt out the spelling of Clemson at the end of the song as they root for their team to victory. Join in on the chant at the end of “Tiger Rag” to show your support for the Tigers.


3. Tiger statue

Outside of the arena is a giant Tiger statue. Stop by the statue and take a picture to commemorate your trip to Littlejohn Coliseum.

4. The Tiger

The Tiger has been entertaining Clemson fans at games since 1954. Over the years, he has become a big part of the Clemson game day tradition so don’t miss him when attending a Tigers basketball game.

5. Pep Band

Clemson is home to an incredible marching band, and the pep band at Clemson basketball games is also great. The band plays many Clemson favorites including “Tiger Rag” so enjoy their performance throughout the game.

6. Trophy Case

Inside Littlejohn Coliseum is a trophy case full of a variety of different awards won by Clemson athletics over the years. Appreciate the best of the best in Clemson history by visiting the trophy case.

7. Banners

All around Littlejohn Coliseum you’ll see banners honoring the best players and teams in Clemson basketball history. There are many hanging from the rafters to check out, and each corner contains a banner honoring one of the players who had his number retired by the team, so take it all in.

8. Clemson-South Carolina Rivalry

Unlike other college basketball rivalries the rivalry between Clemson and South Carolina runs much deeper than the hardwood. The two schools were founded 88 years apart as Clemson was established to satisfy the agrarian movement’s request for more agricultural education after South Carolina refused to expand their agriculture program. On the court, the two teams have met 167 times with the Gamecocks holding a 90-77 lead, so don’t miss it when South Carolina comes to town.

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