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Clemson fans are some of the loudest in the country. In fact they even set the record for loudest stadium in 2007 when the noise level at Memorial Stadium was recorded at 133 decibels. If you’re going to a Tigers game be prepared to get loud and support your team.

Not only do the fans here create a tremendous atmosphere, but the history and tradition of Death Valley also helps to create the unique feel of a Clemson football game. The Tigers have won 227 games at Memorial Stadium over the last 63 years including an undefeated national championship season in 1981. The fans and history here create an atmosphere that is second to none, so if you want to experience something special Clemson is the place to be.

Make sure to get here early as the traditions start off before kickoff with the team running down the Hill. This electrifying display is one of the signature traditions at Clemson, so you don’t want to miss it.

The history and traditions at Clemson set it apart from anywhere else in the country making it a can’t miss for any big time college football fan out there.

Things to check out

Howard's Rock

Before every game Tigers players rub the rock as they run down the hill for good luck. The tradition started in 1966 when IPTAY director Gene Willimon was instructed by legendary coach Frank Howard to get rid of the rock, which had been given to Howard by his friend Samuel Columbus Jones who found it in Death Valley, California. Willimon mounted the rock at the top of the hill in the east end zone where it has stayed ever since.

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The Hill

Prior to every game the team makes its way around the stadium to the east side where they gather at the top of the hill around Howard’s Rock before running onto the field. Checkout the hill to get a feel for what it is like to be a Clemson player.

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The Ring of Honor

Players and coaches who make a profound impact on the Clemson football program are immortalized by being put into the ring of honor. Members of the ring of honor include Frank Howard, Steve Fuller, Danny Ford, and the 1981 team that won the National Championship. Look for the ring of honor at the game to learn more about the Legends of Clemson football.

Alma Mater Salute

After every game, Clemson fans hold their hands high like they are holding a hat as the band plays the Alma Mater. Join in this tradition to show off your Clemson passion and pride.

Fight Songs

  1. Clemson Alma Mater

    Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness,

    Where the Tigers play,

    Here the sons of dear old Clemson

    Reign supreme alway.  



    Dear old Clemson we will triumph,

    And with all our might,

    That the Tiger’s roar may echo

    O’er the mountain height.  


    We will dream of greater conquests

    For our past is grand.

    And her sons have fought and conquered

    Every foreign land.  


    Where the mountains smile in grandeur

    O’er the hill and dale,

    Here the Tiger lair is nestling

    Swept by storm and gale.  


    We are brothers strong in manhood,

    For we work and strive.

    And our Alma Mater reigneth

    Ever in our lives.

  2. Tiger Rag!

    The primary Clemson fight song, which is played before and during games.

    Long ago way down in the jungle

    Someone got an inspiration for a tune

    And that jingle came from the jungle

    Became famous mighty soon

    Thrills and chills it sends through you

    Hot so hot it burns you too

    Though it’s just the growl of the Tiger

    It was written in a syncopated way

    More and more they yell for the Tiger

    Everywhere you go today, they’re shoutin:

    Where’s that Tiger?

    Where’s that Tiger?

    Where’s that Tiger?

    Where’s that Tiger?

    Hold that Tiger!

    Hold that Tiger!

    Hold that Tiger!


  3. Tiger Rah!

    Tiger Rah!

    Tiger Rah!

    We will fight, fight, fight for every win!

    Our Alma Mater reign supreme alway,

    Spirit, power, pride within!

    Tiger Rah!

    Tiger Rah!

    We have victory in our sight!

    And the orange Tiger Paw will shine,

    Hail! Hail! Hail! To Clemson might!

  4. C-L-E-M-S-O-N


    Then, other fans will join in by chanting 1-2-3-4,





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