Cleveland is home to arguably the most passionate football fan bases in the NFL. Browns fans have defiantly dealt with their share of hardship over the years, but regardless of their team’s performance you can expect a packed house every home game at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Browns fans are very passionate about their team and even more passionate about their tailgating. If you’re wearing your brown and orange, then Browns tailgaters will be more than hospitable offering cold beers and delicious food. Whether you’re enjoying the vast parking lot tailgates or barstool tailgating at one of the many local area sports bars you’re more than likely to run into a Dawg Pound member (Browns Super Fan’s).

The Dawg Pound is an extremely zealous group of season ticket holders that sit behind the east end zone at FirstEnergy Stadium. You’ll see these super fans wearing their Dog masks, carrying dog bones and occasionally even eating dog food. These Fans make the Atmosphere in and outside FirstEnergy Field make attending a Browns game unmatchable.

Win or lose, probably lose, Brown fans know how to throw a party, so come prepared to party hard and cheer even louder when attending a Cleveland Browns game at FirstEnergy Stadium.


The Clevelander

Since the weather in Cleveland can be pretty brutal in November and December we recommend hitting up the Clevelander. Located at 834 Huron Rd., The Clevelander stands as the oldest game day bar in all of Cleveland. Expect it to be filled to the brim with excited Browns fans on game days making it a great place to get into the game day spirit. Drink prices are reasonable, and the location is just a few block from the stadium via East 9th.

“The Muny”: Lot C or Municipal Parking Lot

Located on the corner of Shoreway and E. 9th Street, this lot is where you will find all of the lifelong Brownies tailgaters and is considered party central for Browns fans. You’ll find tons of beer and food at what is considered the hub of Browns tailgating. Make sure to arrive early to reserve your spot at “The Muny” and by early I mean early like the night before the game. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to FirstEnergy Stadium or a lifelong Browns fan “The Muny” is the place to be on Game day. Tip - (Drink Responsibly, police have been cracking down on public intoxications.)

Where to tailgate

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