1. Heritage Park

Located behind center field, Heritage Park honors the best players in Indians history. Here you’ll find plaques dedicated to all of your favorite Indians of the past, so make sure to stop by and check it out when attending an Indians game.

2. John Adams

You can find John Adams banging his drum in support of the Tribe at every Indians home game. The Indians super fan has been attending games for over 40 years, so stop by the bleachers and say hi during the game.

3. Jim Thome, Bob Feller, and Larry Dobby Statues

The Jim Thome, Bob Feller, and Larry Doby statues outside the Right Field Gate do an excellent job of honoring three of the best players in Indians history. The statues are a must-see for any attending an Indians game, so stop by and snap a picture of them during your trip to Cleveland.

4. The Corner

As the name suggests, this two-story indoor/outdoor bar is located in the right field corner. The bar has a wide variety of craft brews and amazing views of the stadium making it the perfect place to grab a drink during the game.

5. Artwork and Memorabilia Around the Concourse

Before the game, take some time to walk around the concourse and see all of the Indians art and memorabilia. There’s lots to see, so even if you’ve been to The Jake before chances are there is something you’ve never seen before.

6. Bullpen View

At Progressive Field, you can get up close to the bullpen and watch the pitchers warm up. Take a trip over to the bullpen during the game to see who is warming up.

7. Ballpark Tour

Take a tour of The Jake before the game! If you’re looking to get the full Indians experience then take the ballpark tour and where the magic happens behind the scenes. Tours cost $10 for adults and $8 for kids.

8. Slider

Kids and adults alike enjoy Slider’s antics. The lovable mascot keeps fans entertained during the break in-between innings and is a can’t miss for anyone attending an Indians game.

9. Rally Alley

If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat or enjoy some live entertainment before the game then stop by Rally Alley. Rally Alley is the official Indians street festival and is a great place to take the entire family before the game, so stop by and check it out.

10. Retired Numbers and Championship Pennants

You can see the Tribe’s retired numbers and championships honored in the right field upper deck. Take a minute to appreciate all of the best players and teams in Indians history by viewing this nice display.

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