1. Chanticleer Statue

Located outside the TD Sports Complex is a giant chanticleer statue. The statue shows off school pride and presents an excellent photo op, so stop by and snap a picture with it before entering the game.

2. Chanticleer Legends

Take a walk around the concourse before the game to see all the signs honoring the best athletes in school history. The signs celebrate the greatest athletes in school history and are a must-see for any college sports fan.

3. C-I-N-O

CINO stands for “Coastal Is Number One” and is one of the most popular chants at any Coastal sporting event. The students and alumni love to shout C-I-N-O when the Chanticleers are on their way to victory, so join in the chant to get the full Coastal Carolina game day experience.

4. Coastal Carolina-Winthrop Rivalry

Despite the fact the Chanticleers and Eagles no longer play in the same conference, Winthrop remains Coastal Carolina’s biggest rivals. There is no love lost when these two play and while the rivalry isn’t played as regularly as it used to be, a Coastal Carolina-Winthrop game is still a can’t miss matchup for any Chanticleers fan.


5. Chauncey the Chanticleer

Chauncey is the official mascot of Coastal Carolina, and a can’t miss part of any CCU basketball game. During games you can spot him entertaining fans all around the arena, so keep an eye out for him as you never know what kind of shenanigans he’ll get into next.

6. Retired Numbers and Championship Banners

Hanging over the court are banners celebrating the Chanticleers basketball program’s rich history. The banners are dedicated to all of the program’s conference winning teams as well as legendary players such as Howard White and Howard Brown. Check out the banners above the court to remember all of the best teams and players in Coastal Carolina history.

7. Coastal Carolina-College of Charleston Rivalry

Coastal Carolina has a long-running rivalry with the nearby College of Charleston. You’ll find plenty of bragging rights on the line when these two South Carolina-based schools meet, and although the College of Charleston has gotten the better of the Chanticleers over the years, you won’t want to miss it when the Cougars come to town.

8. Chanticleer Girls

Coastal Carolina’s dance team, the Chanticleer Girls, puts on a fantastic show at basketball games, so don’t miss them during your visit to the HTC Center. Stay in your seat when the group performs as their routines are a must-see.

9. Team Store

The HTC Center is home to an impressive team store that offers just about any Chanticleers gear you could ever want. If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip or just want to get a new Coastal Carolina t-shirt, then the team store is your one-stop shop.

10. Coastal Carolina-Liberty Rivalry

During the Chanticleers time in the Big South Conference, the Chanticleers and Flames had an intense rivalry. The rivalry spanned across multiple sports as the two schools regularly were top competitors for the Sasser Cup, which is awarded to the school with the best athletics program in the conference. You’ll be in for an intense matchup whenever Coastal Carolina and Liberty square off, so make sure to be in attendance when these two meet.

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