Tailgating is one of the best parts of any Coastal Carolina football game, so you’ll want to get here four hours before kickoff to enjoy the pregame atmosphere. Chanticleers fans from all over the area come out to support the team and all around campus you’ll find fans barbecuing and throwing back a few drinks with friends and family.

The tailgating scene at Coastal Carolina is much more tight-knit than what you’ll find at larger schools, creating a friendly feeling that makes everyone feel welcomed. You’ll find a lot of people are willing to share food and drinks as long as you have something to offer, and you’ll more than likely be asked to join in some tailgating games as well.

Those of you who are taking the kids to the game will want to stop by the Fan Fest before the game. The Fan Fest features inflatables and other family activities making it the perfect place for the kids to hang out before the game.

Finally, being that you’re on the South Carolina coast come prepared to enjoy plenty of barbecue and seafood. Oysters, clams, and shrimp may not be the first foods you think of when you think of tailgating, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a delicious part of a Coastal Carolina tailgate.

You’ll have a fun time tailgating before a Coastal Carolina game, so arrive early and take advantage of the excellent tailgating scene here in Conway.


Chanticleer Statue

Located outside the TD Sports Complex is a giant chanticleer statue. The statue shows off school pride and presents an excellent photo op, so stop by and snap a picture with it before entering the game.

Fan Fest

Fan Fest opens three hours before kickoff and is located in James P. Blanton Park. Here you’ll enjoy a variety of family activities including inflatables and much more, so stop by and check it out.

Pregame Band and Cheerleader Performance

If you happen to catch the band or cheer team performing before the game, take the opportunity to enjoy the show. Both groups will typically perform outside the game before the game creating a fun and festive atmosphere.

Where to tailgate

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