1. Sasser Athletic Hall of Fame

Stop by the Sasser Athletic Hall of Fame in Adkins Field House to learn more about the best athletes in Coastal Carolina history. The Sasser Athletic Hall of Fame is a must-see for any Chanticleers fan.

2. Beaty Memorial Victory Bell

The Beaty Memorial Victory Bell is rung after every Chanticleers victory. The bell was a donation from the Phi Kappa Phi fraternity as a memorial for Chad Michael Beaty, who died in a car accident in 1995, and has been a big part of Chants game days ever since.


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3. Chanticleer Regiment

Enjoy the performance of the Chanticleer Regiment throughout the game. The band puts on fantastic pregame and halftime shows and keeps spirits high with their tunes during the game.

4. Chauncey the Chanticleer

Chauncey is the official mascot of Coastal Carolina, and a can’t miss part of any CCU basketball game. During games you can spot him entertaining fans all around the arena, so keep an eye out for him as you never know what kind of shenanigans he’ll get into next.

5. Chanticleer Statue

Located outside the TD Sports Complex is a giant chanticleer statue. The statue shows off school pride and presents an excellent photo op, so stop by and snap a picture with it before entering the game.

6. Fan Fest

Fan Fest opens three hours before kickoff and is located in James P. Blanton Park. Here you’ll enjoy a variety of family activities including inflatables and much more, so stop by and check it out.

7. Maddox

Chauncey isn’t the Chanticleers only mascot. The team’s live mascot Maddox made his debut at the 2011 homecoming game, and he has quickly become a favorite among fans.

8. Teal Turf

Coastal Carolina is one of the few schools to feature turf other than the traditional green. The teal turf gives the Chanticleers an extra edge at home and helps give Brooks Stadium a unique feel you won’t find elsewhere.

9. Chanticleer Girls

Coastal Carolina’s dance team, the Chanticleer Girls, puts on a fantastic show at football games, so don’t miss them during your visit to Brooks Stadium. Stay in your seat when the group performs as their routines are a must-see.

10. Hospitality Areas

Those of you who want to hold a large tailgate party, but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting it up yourself will want to take advantage of the hospitality areas. The hospitality tents are located next to the Adkins Field House entrance and include tables, chairs, food, and beverages, providing you with everything you need for a great tailgate party.

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