When attending a Colgate Raiders football game, make sure to get here early and enjoy tailgating in the lots surrounding Andy Kerr Stadium. Raiders fans love to tailgate, and you’ll find the lots full of fans dressed in maroon on game days. Best of all the fans here are quite friendly, so you’ll have no problem making friends quickly when tailgating at Colgate.

In addition to friendly fans, Colgate also offers plenty of room to tailgate. There are three tailgate lots here, two of which are open for single game tailgating. Bring the grill, tent, table, chairs, and coolers for a Colgate Raiders game as you’ll have a lot of fun tailgating here.

Tailgating is a fun way to kickoff a Raiders game, so get here early and enjoy all the pregame festivities.


Andy Kerr Stadium Plaque

Check out the Andy Kerry stadium plaque to learn more about the stadium’s namesake before the game. The plaque is a great way to honor the former Raiders football coach and is a must-see for anyone taking in a game at Colgate.

Where to tailgate

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