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You won’t mistake a Holy Cross game for a Pats game, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an excellent time cheering on the Crusaders to victory. Fitton Field is one of the oldest stadiums in the FCS, which gives it a unique charm as you can feel a sense of history here that isn’t present at other stadiums. You can even view several retired numbers hanging above the visitors’ bleachers giving you the chance to learn more about Holy Cross’s past success on the gridiron.

The fans are also a big part of attending a Holy Cross game as they are friendly and knowledgeable about their team. If you want to learn more about the Crusaders, just start up a conversation since most fans will be more than happy to talk about their team.

Finally, make sure to enjoy the performances of the Good Time Marching Band before, during, and after the game. The band has been a part of Crusaders football games for over 100 years, and as a result, their performance has become a staple of the games.

You’ll have a good time attending a Holy Cross game, so come on out and support the Crusaders this season.

Things to check out

Retired Numbers

The retired numbers are located over the visitors’ bleachers and honor some of the greatest players in Holy Cross football history. The Crusaders have a rich football history and even went to the 1946 Orange Bowl, so take a moment to check out the retired numbers before the game.

Goodtime Marching Band

The Goodtime Marching Band has been entertaining crowd at Fritton Field since 1910 and are a big part of the Holy Cross game day experience. The band puts on an excellent pregame, halftime, and postgame show, so don’t leave your seat when you see them take the field.

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Crusader Mascot

Don’t miss the Crusader mascot at the game. The mascot performs all kinds of antics and is a fun part of the game, especially for kids, so keep an eye out for him during your trip to Worcester.

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The Holy Cross cheerleaders pump up the crowd with their cheers and chants throughout the game, making them a can’t-miss part of any game. Join in the cheers and give the Crusaders as much of a home field advantage as possible.

Fight Songs

  1. Chu Chu, Rah Rah!

    Ring out then your Hoiah with
    A Chu, Chu, Rah, Rah,
    A Chu, Chu, Rah, Rah!
    A Chu, Chu, Rah, Rah!
    Give another Hoiah and a Chu, Chu, Rah, Rah!
    A Chu, Chu, Rah, Rah, for Holy Cross!
    March on as knights of old
    (With hearts as) loyal and true and bold,
    And wage the bitter fight with all your might,
    Fight hard for Holy Cross!
    You’ll know when battle’s done,
    (It was for) her that the fight was won,
    Oh, may it never die, that battle cry,
    On, on for Holy Cross!

  2. Holy Cross Alma Mater

    Oh hear they voices one in song
    Holy Cross, Oh Holy Cross!
    Thy spirits loyal, true and strong
    Holy Cross, Oh Holy Cross!
    Thy purple banner floats on high,
    While songs of praise swell to the sky.
    Thy honored name will never die,
    Holy Cross, Oh Holy Cross!

  3. Mamie Reilly

    Oh, Mamie Reilly, goin far away
    Oh, Mamie Reilly, won’t be back today!
    Come kiss your daddy now before we part.
    Oh, Mamie, Mamie, Mamie Reilly!
    Slide Kelly, Slide
    Casey’s at the bat.
    Oh, Mamie Reilly, where’d you get that hat?
    Down in Old Kentucky.Go, Cross, Go!
    Oh, Mamie, Mamie, Mamie Reilly!

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