Holy Cross is home to a relaxed tailgating atmosphere that is a pleasant way to kick things off before heading into Fritton Field. Crusaders fans, for the most part, are very friendly and happy to talk about football and the team making newcomers feel welcome here in Worcester. You’ll also find lots of fans willing to share food and drinks as long as you bring something to share.

Those of you who take your tailgating seriously won’t want to miss the opportunity to be named the “Tailgater of the Game.” During the tailgate, the Holy Cross street team goes around judging tailgates giving an excellent opportunity to win some cool prizes like Holy Cross gear or tickets to future games.

Finally, if you have the opportunity get a spot in the Premier Lot. The Premier Lot is located in the baseball stadium, and it’s a unique experience to say you’ve tailgated on a baseball field where Hall of Famer Ted Williams homered.

Tailgating is a fun part of a Crusaders game day, so arrive early and enjoy the festivities outside Fritton Field.


Tailgater of the Game

Don’t miss your chance to be named the “Tailgater of the Game.” Iggy and the Holy Cross street team go around looking for the best tailgate before the game, so bring your A game and take home some cool prizes.

Where to tailgate

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