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Zable Stadium opened in 1935 and even after several renovations it still has an old school feel that you won’t find at too many other stadiums throughout the country. The throwback feel makes attending a Tribe game a feel special and helps create a fun atmosphere throughout the game.

The oldness of the stadium isn’t’ the only thing that makes it fun to attend a William & Mary football game. The fans, pep band, and spirit squad all do an excellent job of creating a festive game day atmosphere inside Zable Stadium.

The fans at the stadium are a mix of diehard and more casual fans. Although whoever you’re sitting next to will more than likely be willing to talk a bit about the team and how they’re doing this year. The friendly fans are one of the best parts of any William & Mary game, and if you come to the game as a neutral, you’ll without a doubt leave rooting for the Tribe.

The William & Mary Pep Band is unique in that it’s one of the only scramble bands in Division I football and they put on a memorable performance you won’t want to miss. Like at most college sporting events the band is a big part of the pageantry on display, so enjoy the show when attending a game at Zable Stadium.

Finally, the pep squad does a fantastic job of keeping the crowd’s spirits high even when the Tribe are struggling. The cheerleaders lead a bunch of cheers and chants you’ll want to join in on, and the William & Mary mascot is a must-see as well.

A William & Mary football game features just about everything you could want in an FCS football game making a trip to Zable Stadium an excellent way to spend a fall afternoon.

Things to check out

Team Store

If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Zable Stadium, then make sure to stop by the team store. The team store sells a wide selection of Tribe merchandise including t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and much more.

50 Yard Line Entrance

One of the unique things about Zable Stadium is that the main entrance is at the 50-yard line. The location of the entrance gives means there are no seats at the 50-yard line one one side of the giving Zable Stadium a distinct feel.

William & Mary Pep Band

Rather than a traditional marching band, William & Mary has a student-run scramble band. The William & Mary Pep Band is a big part of any Tribe sporting event, especially football, so enjoy their performance when taking in a game at Zable Stadium.

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The Griffin has been William & Mary’s mascot since 2010, and you won’t want to miss him and his antics when attending a Tribe game. He gets into all kinds of shenanigans and is a can’t miss part of any William & Mary sporting event.

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Join the cheers and chants lead by the William & Mary Tribe cheerleading squad. The cheerleaders help keep spirits high even when the Tribe are struggling, making them an essential part of any William & Mary sporting event.

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Fight Songs

  1. Tribe Fight Song

    Oh, we will fight fight fight for the Indians
    When the Big Green team appears.
    We will yell like hell for the Indians
    And they will heed our mighty cheers.
    We will lead our team on to victory
    And give a shout for the Indians bold
    We’ll have a Touchdown, Touchdown, Indians!
    And raise the Green and Gold!

  2. Our Alma Mater

    Hark! the students’ voices swelling
    Strong and true and clear.
    Alma Mater’s love they’re telling,
    Ringing far and near.

    William & Mary loved of old
    Hark upon the gale,
    Hear the thunder of our chorus
    Alma Mater hail!

    All thy sons are faithful to thee,
    Through their College days,
    Singing loud from hearts that love thee,
    Alma Mater’s praise.

    Repeat Chorus:

    Iron-shod or golden-sandaled
    Shall the years go by
    Yet our hearts shall weave about thee
    Love that cannot die.

    Repeat Chorus:

    God, our Father, hear our voices
    Listen to our cry;
    Bless the College of our fathers,
    Let her never die.

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