You’ll find plenty of room to tailgate at a William & Mary football game as tailgating is permitted in all of the parking lots and grassy areas around campus. As a result of the university’s liberal tailgating policy, you’ll find Tribe fans all over campus tailgating and have a good time. Just about everywhere you look you’ll see fans in Tribe gear creating a fun and festive atmosphere.

The tailgates here at William & Mary feature your typical fare including hot dogs, burgers, and plenty of sides. You’ll also occasionally find some more local favorites such as crab cakes, pulled pork, and other southern favorites. If you’re looking to try some local fare bring something to share and you’ll likely make friends who are willing to share quickly.

Lastly, if you can only tailgate for one game, then make sure it’s the homecoming game. William & Mary alumni from all over the country come back to Williamsburg for the homecoming, and the parade is an excellent way to start off the game day festivities.

A trip to Williamsburg is an excellent way to spend a Saturday in the fall, so don’t hesitate to make plans to tailgate at a William & Mary football game.


Homecoming Parade

If attending the homecoming game, then make sure to enjoy the homecoming parade the morning before the game. The parade is an excellent way to show off your William & Mary pride and is a great way to reconnect with old friends as well.

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Where to tailgate

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