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Canvas Stadium provides a beautiful college football venue that is a treat for any fan to take in a game. Nestled in a gorgeous landscape of flowing hill sand mountains you’d be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful place to take in a college football game on a cool, crisp Saturday in the fall.

Here at Canvas Stadium you’ll find the quintessential college football game experience with all the pageantry you’ve come to expect when attending a game at an FBS school. The pregame show here is superb meaning you’ll want to arrive inside the stadium before kickoff to take in the masterpiece.

The fans at Colorado State also provide a great atmosphere particularly for bigger rivalry games and when the team is performing well. The Rams student section is particularly dedicated as there is no sitting allowed here and the students stand throughout the game cheering and singing the many school songs. The fans elsewhere in the stadium are a bit more relaxed. However, they still show off their Rams pride by sporting green Rams sweatshirts and other team gear.

Colorado State provides an excellent game day atmosphere that is among the best in the Mountain West meaning you’ll inevitably find yourself having a good time when making the trip to Fort Collins.

Things to check out

The View

Being located in Colorado, Colorado State has its fair share of the mountainous country surrounding it. The view from the stadium is gorgeous with flowing hills and mountains covering the landscape. Watching a game here might be harder than you think with the beautiful views to distract you.

CSU Football Murals

When at the Canvas Stadium, make sure to check out the CSU football murals. These murals pay tribute to some of the best moments in Rams football and are a must see when attending a game here.

The Cannon

After each Rams score, a large cannon booms and female students are thrown high in the air. This is a pretty unique spectacle to watch, and it gets the blood flowing.

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CAM the Ram

CAM is the live Rambouillet sheep mascot of Colorado state. CAM can be found at every CSU football game, so make sure to stop by and snap a pic with him.

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CSU Band

Despite the team’s recent struggles, the CSU marching band always does its best to keep energy high and the fans into the game. One of the better bands you will see, they’ll surely pump up the crowd by playing the school’s fight song.

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Fight Songs

  1. Stalwart Rams

    Fight on, you stalwart Ram Team, on to the goal
    Tear the (opponent’s nickname) line asunder
    As down the field we thunder;
    Knights of the Green and Gold,
    Fight on with all your might,
    Fight on, you stalwart Ram Team –
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

  2. Ram Jam

    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go
    Here we go


  3. CSU Alma Mater

    Hail to Thee, Our Alma Mater,
    Colorado State. Memories Are Everlasting
    Of This Place So Great!
    May Thy Green And Gold
    Unite Us, Loyal Ever Be.
    Colorado State, Our Alma Mater,
    Hail, all Hail, To Thee.

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