Tailgating on game days is a big event at Colorado State and something that Rams fans look forward to all week leading up to the game. Everyone loves the chance to get out in the beautiful Colorado fall weather and enjoy some tasty food and drinks with family and friends while showing off their CSU pride. Rams fans like to make the most out of their tailgating, so they arrive at the stadium four hours before kickoff and don’t go in until a half hour before the game.

At Colorado State, there are a variety of tailgating locations meaning no matter what you’re looking for in a tailgate you’ll find it here. If you want to get into the school spirit, then Ram Town is the place for you. Ram Town puts you right in the middle of all the Colorado State game day activities including the Ram Walk.

The Ram Walk begins with the Colorado State Band marching through Ram Town tailgate area to greet the team bus. Once they reach the bus students and fans will line the walkway as both the band and team, make their way to the stadium. This is a great tradition that makes you feel like you’re part of the action, so don’t miss out on the Ram Walk when attending a game at Colorado State.

Finally, here at CSU, they offer an excellent premium tailgate experience known as the MVP Tailgate. This all-inclusive tailgate includes plenty of food, drinks, live music, and HDTVs to keep you up to date with all the action going on around college football.

No matter what your tailgate scene is, you’ll find it at Colorado State as there is plenty to do here in preparation for watching the Rams.


Ram Walk

Arrive at Ram Town early, so you can take in the Ram Walk. The walk is led by the CSU Band and is an incredible way for you to get up close to your favorite Rams players.

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Ram Town Tailgate

If you want to experience a Colorado State tailgate to the fullest then the Ram Town Tailgate is the spot for you. Here you’ll get your tailgate spot that will put you right in the middle of all the tailgate action taking place at Colorado State. You’ll be able to see and take part in both Rams Walk and the CSU pregame radio as well as enjoy many other game day activities happening around the stadium.

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MVP Tailgate

The MVP Tailgate provides a great spot for those of you looking to tailgate in style. This premium tailgate party offers catered food, drinks, live music, and a sports bar like environment that is equipped with several large HDTV screens.

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Where to tailgate

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