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Columbia may not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking of college basketball, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an excellent time taking in some Lions hoops action. The Lions have quite the following considering the small size of Levien Gymnasium and often sell out. Columbia fans are very passionate, especially considering the fact the Lions haven’t made the tournament since 1968, and the band and student section provide an incredible in-game atmosphere.

Before or after the game, make sure to explore the area surrounding Columbia as well as the rest of New York City. One of the best things about attending a Lions basketball game is Columbia is located in New York, which means there is a lot to see and do during your trip.

If you’re looking to experience one of the best basketball game days in the Ivy League or just looking for a way to spend some time during your trip to New York, then you can’t beat taking in a Columbia Lions basketball game at Levien Gymnasium.

Things to check out

Lion Statue

Stop by the lion statue and get a picture to remember your trip to Columbia. The statue is a must-see for anyone visiting, so make sure to check it out.

Pep Band

The pep band at Lions basketball games not only energizes the crowd with their music they also taunt the opposition with their chants. The band has chants for all sorts of occasions, so learn the words and join in to get the full Columbia basketball gameday experience.

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Roaree the Lion

Don’t miss Roar-ee when attending a Columbia basketball game. Roar-ee entertains the crowd throughout the game with his antics and is a can’t miss part of any Columbia basketball game, so keep an eye out for him when taking in a game at Levien Gymnasium.

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Dance and Cheer Squads

The Columbia dance and cheer teams put on excellent shows throughout the game. The dance squad will dazzle you with their moves, and the cheerleaders will keep you engaged in the game. Enjoy the performances of both these group when attending a Lions basketball game.

Fight Songs

  1. “Roar, Lion, Roar”

    Roar, Lion, roar,
    And wake the echoes of the Hudson Valley.
    Fight on to vict’ry evermore
    While the sons of Knickerbocker rally
    ‘Round Columbia! Columbia!
    Shouting her name forever!
    Roar, Lion, roar,
    For Alma Mater, on the Hudson shore.

  2. “Sans Souci”

    One last toast ‘ere we part,
    Written on every heart.
    This motto stay;
    Long may Columbia stand,
    Honored throughout the land,
    Our Alma Mater grand,
    Now and for aye.

  3. “Who Owns New York?”

    Oh, who owns New York!
    Oh, who owns New York!
    Oh, who owns New York!
    Some people say —
    Why, we own New York!
    Why, we own New York!
    Who? C-O-L-U-M-B-I-A!

  4. “Stand Up and Cheer”

    Stand up and cheer,
    Stand up and cheer for old Columbia Athletics
    For today, we raise
    The Blue and White above the rest,
    Our boys are fighting,
    For they are bound to win the fray.
    We’ve got the team,
    We’ve got the team,
    And this is old Columbia’s day.
    ‘Ray! ‘Ray! ‘Ray!

  5. “Stand, Columbia”

    Mother, stay’d on rock eternal,
    Crown’d and set upon a height,
    Glorified by Light supernal
    In thy radiance we see light,
    Torch thy children’s lamps to kindle,
    Beacon-star to cheer and guide,
    Stand, Columbia! Alma Mater
    Through the storms of Time abide!
    Stand, Columbia! Alma Mater
    Through the storms of Time abide!

    Honor, love, and veneration
    Crown forevermore thy brow!
    Many a grateful generation
    Hail thee as we hail thee now!
    Till the lordly Hudson seaward
    Cease to roll his heaving tide,
    Stand, Columbia! Alma Mater
    Through the storms of Time abide!
    Stand, Columbia! Alma Mater
    Through the storms of Time abide!

  6. Columbia Basketball Chantss

    On offense

    For men’s games:

    Hold her hand!
    Tell her lies!
    Hold her hand, tell her lies,
    Let’s score!

    For women’s games:

    Make him pay!
    Say he’s funny!
    Make him pay, say he’s funny,
    Let’s score!
    Get it up!
    Put it in!
    Get it up, put it in,
    Let’s score!
    Hit ’em in the knee!
    Hit ’em in the head!
    Hit ’em in the…other knee!
    Cheeseburgers cheeseburgers cheeseburgers!
    Pepsi pepsi pepsi!
    C’mon Columbia
    Give ’em epilepsy!
    Whenever Columbia takes the lead
    We havvvve…an insurmountable leaaaaad!

    On defense

    Fight Columbia, fight Columbia,
    Make them scream in pain!
    Fight Columbia, fight Columbia,
    Make my nipples hard!

    Against the referee

    (to the tune of “O My Darling Clementine”):
    Who’s your father, who’s your father
    Who’s your father, referee?
    You don’t have one
    You’re a bastard
    You’re a bastard, referee!

    The ref blew the call!
    The ref blew the call!
    Swallow, ref, swallow!
    The ref brought his lunch!
    The ref brought his lunch!
    Eat it, ref, eat it!
    The ref beats his wife!
    The ref beats his wife!
    Beat it, ref, beat it!

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