1. Lion Statue

Stop by the lion statue and get a picture to remember your trip to Columbia. The statue is a must-see for anyone visiting, so make sure to check it out.

2. Pep Band

The pep band at Lions basketball games not only energizes the crowd with their music they also taunt the opposition with their chants. The band has chants for all sorts of occasions, so learn the words and join in to get the full Columbia basketball gameday experience.

3. Columbia-Yale Rivalry

Columbia and Yale have the longest continuous rivalry in college basketball, so you better believe you’ll be in for a good matchup whenever these two Ivy League schools get together. There is no love lost when Columbia and clash making a Columbia-Yale game one of the best times to take in a game at Levien Gymnasium.

4. Roaree the Lion

Don’t miss Roar-ee when attending a Columbia basketball game. Roar-ee entertains the crowd throughout the game with his antics and is a can’t miss part of any Columbia basketball game, so keep an eye out for him when taking in a game at Levien Gymnasium.

5. Columbia-Princeton Rivalry

Princeton is one of Columbia’s biggest rival on the gridiron, and things aren’t much different when the two meet on the hardwood. There is no love lost between Columbia and Princeton, so make sure to get your tickets when the Tigers come to town.

6. Dance and Cheer Squads

The Columbia dance and cheer teams put on excellent shows throughout the game. The dance squad will dazzle you with their moves, and the cheerleaders will keep you engaged in the game. Enjoy the performances of both these group when attending a Lions basketball game.

7. Columbia-Stony Brook Rivalry

The Lions have played nearby rivals, Stony Brook every year since 2002 sparking a relatively intense rivalry between these two non-conference foes. The two have engaged in several close matchups over the years, and both schools are located within an hour of each meaning you’ll find plenty of fans of both teams at these matchups. Make sure to get your tickets when Columbia takes on Stony Brook.

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