1. Dancing Kevin

Blue Jackets superfan Dancing Kevin has been a Jackets game day staple for years and can be seen busting a move at every Jackets game. Don’t miss Dancing Kevin and his wild dances during your trip to Nationwide Arena.

2. Cannon

The Blue Jackets celebrate scoring by firing off a cannon. The cannon brings everyone to their feet as it erupts, so join in on the celebration to get in on the fun.

3. Games on the Lower Concourse

Before the game, you can stop and play a bunch of different games on the lower concourse including a large peg hockey game and a box hockey game. If you’re looking for something to do at the game stop by and play these games.

4. Team Tributes

Around the arena, you’ll find several tributes to the Blue Jackets. These tributes showcase the team’s 16-year history, the creation of the team, and there is even one for all the hats collected from hat tricks, so check them out.

5. High School Hockey Jerseys

On the concourse, you can see jerseys from all of the high school hockey teams in the state. If you’re an Ohio native try and find your school’s jersey in this nice tribute to the game.

6. Icehaus

If you like to skate then check out the Icehaus. The practice rink for the Blue Jackets is open for public skating and presents an excellent opportunity for you to skate on the same ice as your heroes.

7. Stinger

The 6 ft 9 in Stinger can be found around the arena throughout the game. He’s usually seen banging on his snare drum and interacting with younger fans, so keep your eyes out for him at the game.

8. Nationwide Arena Tour

Diehard Jackets fans will want to arrive in Columbus a couple of days before the game so they can take a tour of Nationwide Arena. The tour gives you a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes at Nationwide Arena and is a great time for all.

9. Cannon Crew

The Cannon Crew energizes the crowd after every goal by waving Blue Jackets flags and cheering loudly. They’re one of the loudest groups inside Nationwide Arena, so you can’t miss them.

10. Chili Chant

After the Blue Jackets goal everyone chants “Chili!” in celebration of winning a free chili at participating Bob Evans restaurants. Join in on the chant, and make sure to stop by Bob Evans for your free chili when the Blue Jackets score three.

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