Huntington Park is located in the center of Columbus’s Arena District providing you with plenty of pre-game entertainment. Before the game take some time to explore the Arena District and stop by one of the many great restaurants and bars here. The nearby Park Street Tavern is a great place to grab a drink as it hosts special Clippers tailgates parties and is where you can find lots of Clippers fans on game days.

One great part of pregaming in the Arena District is that you can find parking for as little as $3. That’s right it’ll only cost your $3 to park your car and experience everything the Arena District and downtown Columbus has to offer.

Those of you attending a Friday night Clippers game will want to take advantage of the food and drink deals at the Party at the Park. Located on the right field plaza at Huntington Park, the Part at the Park features live music and drink deals making it one of the best places to hang out before Friday night games.

Lastly, take a minute to stop by the Harold Cooper statue before entering the stadium. The statue has several plaques dedicated to the history of baseball in Columbus and honors the former International League President making it a can’t miss.

You’ll have a great time pregaming before a Clippers game, so arrive early and take in all the sights and sounds of the Arena District.


Party at the Park

If you’re attending a Friday or Saturday Clippers game, then make sure to check out Party at the Park. Party at the Park is located in the right field plaza, and features live music making it a great place to stop by before the game.

Harold Cooper Statue

Stop by and snap a picture with the Harold Cooper Statue before the game. The statue is located outside the center field entrance and honors the former International League President, so make sure to check it out before entering Huntington Park.

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