1. Dime-A-Dog Nights

Those of you who love a bargain will love Dime-A-Dog Nights. Dime-A-Dog Nights allow you to purchase hot dogs at Huntington Park for 10 cents, which is a deal you can’t afford to pass up.

2. AEP Power Pavilion

Located on top of the Left Field Building, the AEP Power Pavilion is the perfect place to host a party and take in a game at Huntington Park. The AEP Power Pavilion is open to the public when it isn’t reserved by a group and is home to Quencher Corner on Thursday nights. If you want to experience the AEP Power Pavilion, then attend a game on Thursday nights as Quencher Corner gives you an opportunity to not only experience the pavilion but to also take part in a variety of fun games and promotions.

3. Arena District

Enjoy the Arena District during before heading into Huntington Park. The Arena District is full of a variety of restaurants and bars making it the perfect place to hang out before the game.

4. Krash and LouSeal

Krash and LouSeal are the official mascots of the Columbus Clippers and are a can’t miss part of any Clippers game. Krash and LouSeal get into shenanigans all throughout the game, so keep your eyes peeled for them as you never know what they’ll do next.

5. Party at the Park

If you’re attending a Friday or Saturday Clippers game, then make sure to check out Party at the Park. Party at the Park is located in the right field plaza, and features live music making it a great place to stop by before the game.

6. Hall of Fame Bar

The Hall of Fame Bar is located on the second floor of the Left Field Building and is home to a full-service bar. If you’re looking to grab a drink during the game, there is no better place to do so than the Hall of Fame Bar.

7. Harold Cooper Statue

Stop by and snap a picture with the Harold Cooper Statue before the game. The statue is located outside the center field entrance and honors the former International League President, so make sure to check it out before entering Huntington Park.

8. Clippers Cargo Souvenir Store

Make sure to pick up a souvenir from the Clippers Cargo Souvenir Store. A souvenir is a perfect way to commemorate your trip, and the Clippers Cargo Souvenir Store is home to all kinds of Clippers merchandise ranging from t-shirts to caps to jerseys and much more.

9. The Clippers Craft House

Craft beer lovers will want to stop by The Clippers Craft House on the third floor of the Left Field Building. The Clippers Craft House features craft beers from all over the country giving you the perfect opportunity to try a variety of craft brews.

10. Park Street Tavern

Those of you who want to hit up the bars before the game need to look no further than the Park Street Tavern. The Park Street Tavern is located within walking distance to Huntington Park and is packed full of Clippers fans on game days making it the perfect place to grab a few drinks before the game.

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