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You’ll find lots to see at a Cornell Big Red basketball game where there is tons of history on display. The Bennet Family Concourse is filled with tributes to the best athletes and teams in Big Red history, and above the court, there are banners celebrating all of the men’s basketball team’s accomplishments from over the years. You’ll also want to check out the bear statue in the lobby as it presents an excellent photo op.

In addition to Newman Arena being home to tributes honoring the Big Red’s past accomplishments, it’s also home to the Cornell Big Red Pep Band on game days. The pep band at Cornell is one of the best in the Ivy League, and they go all out to show their support for the Big Red on game days. The band is an unforgettable part of any Big Red sporting event, so make sure to enjoy their performance as much as the action on the court.

Finally, take some time before or after the game to see Ithaca. Ithaca is a beautiful city, and there is a lot to see here including lots of lakes and beautiful countryside. If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat or something to drink, then make sure to head downtown where you’ll find lots of bars and restaurants including the Ithaca Ale House.

A Cornell basketball game offers an excellent opportunity for college basketball fans to learn more about the Big Red as well as the chance to see one of the best pep bands in the Ivy League, so plan your trip to Ithaca today.

Things to check out

Bear Statue

Snap a picture with the bear statue in Cornell. The statue is a can’t miss for anyone attending a game at Newman Arena, and a picture with it is an excellent keepsake, so don’t miss it during your trip to Cornell.

Bennett Family Concourse

The Bennett Family Concourse is filled with pictures and plaques celebrating the best moments and athletes in Cornell history. Stop by and check it out as the concourse is a must-see for any college sports fan.


Take a peek at the banners hanging above the court during your visit to Newman Arena. The banners celebrate the Big Red’s conference championships and NCAA Tournament appearances making them an excellent way to remember all of your favorite Cornell basketball moments.

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The Big Red have no official mascot, but you can see a costumed bear known as Touchdown performing at Big Red basketball games. Keep an eye out for Touchdown as you never know what he’ll do next.

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Cornell Big Red Pep Band

The Cornell Big Red Pep Band, is considered one of the best pep bands in college hockey, and it's no different when it comes to basketball. The pep band plays a variety of songs ranging from school songs to modern pop music, so enjoy their performance when attending a Big Red basketball game.

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The Cornell cheerleaders keep everyone in the building engaged in the action on the court with their cheers. Join in the cheers to show your support for the Big Red and to get into the game day spirit.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Give My Regards to Davy”

    Give my regards to Davy,
    Remember me to Teefy Crane,
    Tell all the pikers on the Hill
    That I’ll be back again.
    Tell them of how I busted
    Lapping up the high, high ball
    We’ll all have drinks at Theodore Zinck’s
    When I get back next fall.

    (Repeat Singing)

    (Repeat again with Band Playing)

  2. “Far Above Cayuga’s Waters”

    Far above Cayuga’s waters,
    With its waves of blue,
    Stands our noble alma mater,
    Glorious to view.

    Lift the chorus, speed it onward,
    Loud her praises tell;
    Hail to thee, our alma mater!
    Hail, all hail, Cornell!

    Far above the busy humming
    Of the bustling town,
    Reared against the arch of heaven,
    Looks she proudly down.

    Repeat Refrain

  3. “New Cornell Fight Song”

    Win the game and then ring the bell.
    What’s the big intrigue?
    We’re the best in the Ivy League,
    Rah! Rah! Rah!
    Score the point that puts us ahead,
    Knock ’em dead, Big Red!
    Who are we for?
    Can’t you tell?
    Old Cornell!
    (GO RED!)

  4. “My Old Cornell”

    Oh, I want to go back to the old days,
    Those good old days on the hill.
    Back to my Cornell,
    For that’s where they all yell,
    Cornell, I yell, Cornell. (Cornell!)
    Far above Cayuga’s waters
    I hear those chiming bells.
    Oh, I’m longing and yearning
    And always returning
    To my old Cornell.

  5. “Evening Song”

    When the sun fades far away,
    In the crimson of the west.
    And the voices of the day
    Murmur low and sink to rest.

    Music with the twilight falls
    O’er the dreaming lake and dell.
    ‘Tis an echo from the walls
    Of our own, our fair Cornell.

    Welcome night and welcome rest,
    Fading music fair thee well.
    Joy to all, we love the best.
    Love to thee, our fair Cornell.

    Music with the twilight falls
    O’er the dreaming lake and dell.
    ‘Tis an echo from the walls
    Of our own, our fair Cornell.

  6. “The Big, Red Team”

    See them plunging down to the goal
    See the ruddy banners stream
    Hear the crashing echoes roll
    As we cheer for the big, red team
    Yea! Yea! Yea!

    Cheer till the sound wakes the blue hills around
    Make the scream of the north wind yield
    To the strength of the yell from the men of Cornell
    When the big, red team takes the field
    Yea! Yea! Yea!

  7. “Cornell Victorious”

    From blue Cayuga
    From hill and dell,
    Far rings the story of the glory of Cornell.
    From east and west the crashing echoes answ’ring call.
    “Cornell Victorious; the champions of all.”

    Cheer! Cheer! Here we are again,
    To cheer with all our might!
    Cheer! Cheer! Here we are again,
    To cheer for the Red and White –
    Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Cornellian colors we’ll defend;
    We’ll hear the echo of our cheer.
    Oh, here we are! Here we are again!

    (Repeat the first five lines)

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