Cornell may not be renowned for its tailgating, but if you want to tailgate before the game, you’ll have little trouble setting up and tailgating. The majority of the tailgating at Cornell games takes place in the Crescent Lot, and while there aren’t a ton of tailgaters, typically you’ll quickly make friends with those around you who are tailgating.

Cornell may not usually be a tailgate hotbed. However, if you attend the homecoming game, then you’ll find a festive tailgate atmosphere at Cornell. Big Red students and alumni come out in large numbers to tailgate for homecoming making it the best time of the season to tailgate outside Schoellkopf Field.

Finally, whether you’re tailgating or not take a few minutes to enjoy the Big Red Marching Band’s pregame concert outside the stadium. The performance is a great way to get into the Big Red spirit and is a fun part of the pregame festivities.

Those of you who love to tailgate will have a good time at Cornell even though it isn’t the biggest tailgate school out there.


Touchdown Statue

Get a picture with the statue of Cornell’s mascot Touchdown before the game. The statue is located outside Teagle Hall and is a must-see for any Big Red fan.

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Big Red Marching Band Concert

Enjoy the band concert in the Crescent Lot before the game. The concert is a great way to get into the game day spirit, so don’t miss it while tailgating at Cornell.


There is no better time to tailgate before a Big Red game than during homecoming. The tailgate atmosphere is much more lively for the homecoming game than any other, so don’t miss the homecoming game if you love tailgating.

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Where to tailgate

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