1. Cowboys Art

All around AT&T Stadium, you’ll see various works of art celebrating some of the greatest moments in Cowboys history. In total, there are 27 pieces created by many various artists including Doug Aitken, Mel Bochner, and much more. There are lots of pieces to see, so I recommend arriving early if you want to take them all in.

2. Cowboys Tailgate Plaza (The East Plaza)

The Cowboys Tailgate Party party is perfect for fans looking to enjoy the tailgate vibe without having to set up their tailgate. The East Plaza at the Cowboys stadium offers food and drink including burgers and sausages, hot dog, domestic beers, and much more. At the party, you’ll also be able to take in live music hosted by 105.3 FM and entertaining guest including the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and past Dallas Cowboy stars.

3. Cowboys Ring of Honor

The Cowboys commemorate all-time greats by immortalizing them in the Ring of Honor. Currently, the Ring of Honor contains 21 names including Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Roger Staubach. Take a look at the Ring of Honor to take in just how many greats have donned the silver and blue.

4. Cowboys Cheerleaders

The Cowboys cheerleaders are the most iconic cheer squad in all of the sports. They put on outstanding routines that rev up the crowd and get everyone pumped to cheer on the Cowboys, so keep your eyes out for them at the next Cowboys game you attend.

5. Tom Landry Statue

Located by the ticket booth and pro shop, the statue of Tom Landry honors not only one of the best coaches in the history of the NFL but also arguably the most important figure in the history of the Cowboys. Any true Cowboys fan must stop by and snap a picture with the statue of this Cowboys legend.

6. White Jerseys at Home

The Cowboys are one of the only team to wear white jerseys at home for every game. The tradition was started by Tex Schramm in 1964 for fans to see a wider variety of opponent colors at games. However, the tradition took hold when it came to be believed that the Cowboys blue jerseys were jinxed after the team lost several games while wearing them. When attending a Cowboys game make sure to wear your home whites, so you don’t bring bad luck to the Boys.

7. Rowdy

Rowdy is the official mascot of the Cowboys and can be seen at every Cowboys game. On game days Rowdy entertains and engages with the crowd by performing a variety of different antics including riding around on his four-wheeler and tossing t-shirts into the stands.

8. Giant Jumbotron

The Jumbotron at AT&T Stadium is one of the largest in the world, and a must see for football fans. In fact, it’s so large that on several occasions punters managed to hit it when punting.

9. Party Pass

Every game party pass holders rush into the stadium to get the best spot possible. The best standing room only spots fill up fast, so if you’ve got a party pass get into the stadium early to get a good view of the action.

10. Stadium Tours

Lots of stadiums offer tours, but AT&T Stadium offers four different types of tours. Here you can take both a guided and unguided tour of the stadium as well as a guided and unguided tour of just the artwork. If you have some time before the game these tours are an excellent experience for die-hard Cowboys fans.

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