1. Lifesize Dirk Nowitzki

Stop by the lifesize Dirk Nowitzki exhibit on the lower concourse. Here you’ll be able to not only see just how large NBA players like Dirk are, but you’ll also be able to compare your reach to his.

2. Painted Fans

Paint yourself blue before the game for your chance to win Mavs tickets. Before every game, the Mavs Street Team hands out tickets to fans who paint themselves head to toe, so come painted for your chance to win.

3. AT&T Plaza

AT&T Plaza is home to several large screens and is the perfect place to gather with friends before or after the game. Make sure to stop by AT&T Plaza before or after entering the arena to get the real Mavericks game day experience.

4. MavsMan and Champ

MavsMan and Champ will keep even the youngest fans entertained throughout the game with their fun antics. Be on the lookout for these rambunctious mascots during your trip to Dallas.

5. Dallas Mavericks Drumline

These talented percussionists will entertain and inspire with their outstanding in game and pregame performances. Be prepared to rise to your feet when the Dallas Mavericks Drumline takes the court.

6. Dallas Mavericks Dancers

The Dallas Mavericks Dancers keep the crowd entertained during stoppages in play. Keep your eyes on the court during this group’s performance as you wouldn’t want to miss their showstopping routines.

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7. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Club

The Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Club offers the best of both world’s when it comes to in-game dining. The club features a casual sit-down restaurant experience as well as a rowdy sports bar, so no whether you’re looking to cheer on the Mavs or relax and grab something to eat you’ll find it here.

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8. Mavs ManiAACs

The Mavs Maniacs show to entertain the crowd and spur on the Mavericks by dancing and cheering. Don’t miss these wild men as they entertain the crowd throughout the game.

9. Dr. Pepper Hoops Troop

The Hoops Troop pump up the crowd by shooting t-shirts into the crowd and hyping up the team. Get on your feet and get loud if you want to walk away with a Mavs t-shirt from the Hoops Troop.

10. Lexus Platinum Club

If you’re looking to experience premium dining inside American Airlines Center then the Lexus Platinum Club is the place for you. The club has an excellent selection of specialty cocktails, an extensive wine list, and a creative menu by Chef Mark Mabry.

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