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Dayton is home to one of the best experiences in college hoops in large part thanks to the Flyers excellent fan support. Dayton fans go all out to support their team and on game days, and it shows as everyone inside UD Arena remains loud throughout the game. The Dayton student section is especially vocal and makes it tough for any visiting team to come away with the W. Not only are the fans at Dayton extremely vocal in their support of the Flyers they’re also very knowledgeable about their team and the game. Don’t hesitate to ask Dayton fans about the team to learn more about the Flyers during your trip to UD Arena.

In addition to incredible fan support, the UD is also home to fantastic spirit squads. The cheerleaders and the school’s mascot Rudy Flyer put on great shows during the game. The Flyer Pep Band is also top-notch and will keep the energy high throughout the game no matter what the score is making every Flyers game an unforgettable experience.

When attending a Dayton basketball game, also make sure to take some time to walk around the concourse and see all the arena has to offer. The Wall of Recognition is a must-see for any college hoops fan and honors all of best players in Flyers history. There are also several championship banners to see as well, so make sure to check them out too.

Finally, make your way to Brown Street before or after the game. Here you’ll find lots of bars and restaurants to try as well as lots of Flyers fans. Brown Street is a favorite hangout for Dayton students and fans making it the perfect place to grab some pre or postgame grub.

A trip to Dayton presents one of the best college basketball road trips in the country, so plan your trip to Dayton today.

Things to check out

Wall of Recognition

The Wall of Recognition honors the best players in Dayton basketball history and is a must-see for anyone attending a game at UD Arena. Stop by and check out the Wall of Recognition to get the full game day experience.

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Championship Banners

Take some time to see the Flyers championship banners during your trip to Dayton. The banners celebrate the Flyers 1967 NCAA Finals appearance as well as the school's other NCAA Tournament appearances and Atlantic 10 titles.

Flight Deck

If you have a ticket that grants you access, then make a trip to the Flight Deck. The Flight Deck features a full bar and snacks in addition to a fantastic sports bar experience making it a great place to hang out before, during, or after the game.

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The Flyer Faithful

Dayton fans are some of the best in the country, and they go all out to support their Flyers. Whether it’s the student section or the alumni, the fans inside UD Arena cheer on their team loudly throughout the game, so enjoy the atmosphere they create at a Flyers basketball game.

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Rudy Flyer

Keep an eye out for Dayton’s mascot Rudy Flyer. You can see Rudy all around the arena during the game, and his antics will bring a smile to your face no matter how old you are making him one of the best parts of any Flyers game.

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Flyer Pep Band

The Flyer Pep Band keeps the energy inside UD Arena at a fever pitch throughout the game. No matter what the score, the pep band will work the crowd into a frenzy with their tunes.

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The Dayton cheerleaders lead the crowd in a variety of cheers including the famous “Go Dayton Flyers” cheer. Join in the cheers to get the full Flyers game day experience during your trip to Dayton.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Dayton Victory”

    Come and let your voices ring clear,
    Come to sing your praises and cheer,
    While our team’s beating
    And we’re repeating
    That “We’re for, U. of D.”

    We’re gonna win this game, you bet.
    Our banner’s proudly waving yet.
    You have a great big name,
    But to us you’re the same
    As all the other teams that we play
    Oh! when we do,
    (Oh! When we do),
    Oh! When we do,
    (Oh! When we do),
    We’re gonna make your team feel blue,
    For every victory brings its fame, you see,
    To dear old U. of D.

  2. “Loyalty”

    U.D. our hearts ring true
    For you our hope and inspiration,
    Your colors red and blue,
    They speak to us of “God and Nation,”
    Your cause we’ll e’er defend,
    Until life’s battles all are thru,
    You are the first U.
    You are the last U.
    You are the only Dayton U.

  3. “University of Dayton Alma Mater”

    On mountain high and hillside,
    O’er meadow and through dell
    In busy mart and hamlet,
    Where hearts their story tell,
    A clarion voice is ringing,
    It rises, now it falls.
    Arouse, all ye of Dayton,
    Your Alma Mater calls.

    UD, we hear you calling,
    Fidelity’s the test,
    Your sons and daughters answer from
    North, South, East and West.
    With measured tread advancing,
    Our emblem full in view,
    We sound your praise and pledge
    Our loyalty to the Red and Blue.

  4. Go Dayton Flyers

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