When arriving at a tailgate at Mile High, you’ll be met with the delicious aromas of grilled meats. Here you’ll find a plethora of sausages, pork, and wings that will make any tailgate lover’s mouth water. One thing’s for sure though when you leave a Broncos tailgate; you won’t go away hungry. Not only is the food here delicious, but it is also plentiful as most people are more than happy to share as long as you bring something to the tailgate.

Tailgates at Broncos games also feature a variety of booths offering freebies. These booths can usually be found on the western side of the stadium, so make sure to set up shop on the western side if you want to get some great Denver Broncos goodies.

A unique aspect of tailgating at a Broncos game is that Mile High is one of, the more walkable NFL Stadiums in the country. While you are still a bit of ways away from all the great bars in downtown Denver, the light rail drops fans off right by the stadium. On the walk to the stadium fans will encounter many t-shirt and food vendors, which help enrich the great Broncos tailgate atmosphere. You’re sure to have a great time at a Broncos tailgate as you’ll find plenty of food, drinks, and fun here at Mile High.


Counties Gateway Plaza

The Broncos are very appreciative of the support from the fans and the people of Denver over the years, so as a tribute to those that have supported this team the Broncos built the Counties Gateway Plaza. The plaza features hackberry shade trees and monuments dedicated to the six counties located in the Denver Metro Area.

Mile High Mountain Village

Mile High Mountain Village is a place that all fans with a game ticket can go to enjoy pre-game events and all the amenities of tailgating. There are even appearances from the Broncos cheerleader, former Broncos, and the Broncos Mascot Miles at Mile High Mountain Village. Check out Mile High Mountain Village if you’re looking for some fun pre-game activities.

Sports Legends Mall

At the Sports Legends Mall you’ll find plenty drinks and pre-game food. It differs from Mile High Mountain Village in that Sports Legends Mall is more geared towards families and kids. The mall offers lots of children's activities including outdoor inflatables, face painting, and much more. If you’re looking for a family friendly tailgate environment, then look no further than the Sports Legends Mall.

Where to tailgate

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