1. Mile High Salute

The Mile High Salute is every Broncos fan’s go-to touchdown celebration. The salute was started by Broncos star running back Terrell Davis in the 1990s and has continued even after his retirement. The salute is a military style salute that is given to fans and teammates whenever a Bronco reaches the end zone. Make sure to take part in this great Broncos game day tradition.

2. Mile High Mountain Village

If you’re not the type of person who likes to pack a grill in his trunk along with a bunch of coolers filled with a variety of refreshments, then Empoer Field at Mile High has just what you need. Mile High Mountain Village is a place that all fans with a game ticket can go to enjoy pre-game events as well as all the amenities of tailgating. There are even appearances from the Broncos cheerleaders, former Broncos, and the Broncos Mascot Miles at Mile High Mountain Village. Check out Mile High Mountain Village if you’re looking for some fun pre-game activities.

3. Incomplete Chant

One of the most famous Broncos chants is the incomplete chant. After every incomplete pass was thrown by the opposing team, Broncos fans chant “IN-COM-PLETE!” Join in on this chant, so that you can get the full Broncos game day experience.

4. Ring of Fame

The Ring of Fame honors Broncos greats of the past. The ring displays the names and years of service the players and coaches gave to the organization. All-time Broncos greats are also immortalized in the Ring of Fame Plaza as well, where you’ll find plaques commemorating these great players. Take a look at these two great tributes to relieve all of the Broncos greatest moments.

5. Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame located at Gate 1 at Empower Field at Mile High offers great insight into the history of athletics in the state of Colorado. Here you’ll not only find exhibits on great Broncos of the past but great athletes all throughout Colorado.

6. Thunder

Thunder is the live mascot of the Denver Broncos, who leads the team onto the field and runs from one end of the field to another after every Broncos score. This great game day tradition began in 1993 and had been going strong ever since so keep your eyes peeled for Thunder when attending a Denver Broncos game.

7. Counties Gateway Plaza

The Broncos are very appreciative of the support from the fans and the people of Denver over the years, so as a tribute to those that have supported this team, the Broncos built the Counties Gateway Plaza. The plaza features hackberry shade trees and monuments dedicated to the six counties located in the Denver Metro Area. Check out this great tribute to the people of Denver when attending a Broncos game.

8. Sports Legends Mall

At the Sports Legends Mall, you’ll find plenty drinks and pre-game food. It differs from Mile High Mountain Village in that Sports Legends Mall is more geared towards families and kids. The mall offers lots of children’s activities including outdoor inflatables, face painting, and much more. If you’re looking for a family friendly tailgate environment, then look no further than the Sports Legends Mall.

9. Bucky

Bucky is one of the most iconic features of Empower Field at Mile High. This 27-foot tall 1,600-pound statue of a horse perched at the top of the stadium is a one of a kind landmark that you won’t find anywhere else. Checkout this iconic landmark when attending a game at Empower Field at Mile High.

10. Miles

Miles is the Broncos other mascot and has been around since 1999. Miles is a fixture at every Broncos home game and can be seen energizing the crowd throughout the game. Look for Miles to provide in-game entertainment during stoppages in play.

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