1. SuperMascot Rocky

SuperMascot Rocky is one of the most beloved mascots in the NBA and will surely bring a smile to your face. He performs a variety of high flying antics during the game, so keep your eyes peeled for SuperMascot Rocky.

2. Elevation Dunk Squad

The Elevation Dunk Squad energize the crowd with their electrifying dunks. These high flying acrobats bring the crowd to their feet and get everyone cheering loudly for the Nuggets.

3. Pepsi Center Sculpture

In the Pepsi Center’s atrium, you’ll find an interesting basketball and hockey sculpture. Make sure to take a photo of this unique sculpture during your visit to Denver as a keepsake.

4. Banners

The Pepsi Center is home to numerous banners honoring the all-time great Nuggets and Avalanche players and teams, so make sure to check them out.

5. Sky-Line Drumline

These talented drummers keep everyone engaged and entertained during stoppages in play, so take notice when they’re on the court.

6. Denver Nuggets Dancers

The Denver Nuggets Dancers keep everyone entertained throughout the game with their showstopping performances. You’ll see a variety of different dance routines during your visit to the Pepsi Center, so stay in your seat during timeouts.

7. “One, Two, Three”

After every Nuggets three-pointer, the PA announcer says, “one, two” and the crowd respond with a cheer of three. Get loud and join in on this fun cheer during your trip to see the Nugget.

8. Restaurants

One of the unique features of the Pepsi Center is the fact that there are three restaurants located inside of the stadium. The Shock Top Lodge, Land Rover Denver Club, and Peak Pub House all offer excellent cuisine, so don’t be afraid to try anyone of them.

9. DJ Bedz

DJ Bedz does an excellent job of laying down tracks that will get everyone up and cheering for the Nuggets. You never know what he’ll play next, so come prepared to hear some unique beats.

10. Avaya Fan Engagement Team

The Fan Engagement Team does an outstanding job of pumping up the crowd and getting everyone into the game. Get loud, so you’ll get noticed by the Fan Engagement Team and win some free Nuggets swag.

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