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Detroit Lions fans are very vocal and very loyal in their support of their team. This can be seen in the fervent support the team has received over the last few years despite their poor record. Lions fans finally have something to celebrate though as the Lions have made the playoffs three of the last six years and won 11 games in 2014 their most since 1991.

Despite the Lions struggles over the years the fans in Detroit still have a lot of pride in their Lions, which can be seen on game days by the fact that everyone you’ll come across in Detroit, in particularly at Ford Field, is dressed head to toe in Lions gear. Don’t worry though if you show up to a Lions game in opposing team’s colors as the Lions fans are relatively friendly except some few bad eggs.

Ford Field also offers an excellent game day experience for fans. There are a variety of luxury seating options if that’s your kind of thing. Even the more modest accommodations at Ford Field offer fairly comfortable seats and plenty of legroom. A game at Ford Field provides a great NFL game day experience that any NFL fan would enjoy.

Things to check out

Hudson’s Warehouse

A unique aspect of Ford Field is that the stadium incorporates an existing warehouse into its design. The warehouse’s presence allowed Ford Field to develop a unique seating layout where the majority of the suites are located one side of the stadium.

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Detroit Skyline

The atrium located in the southeast corner of Ford Field offers an excellent view of the Detroit skyline. The six-story glass wall is a must for anyone making their first visit to Detroit as it gives fans a great photo opportunity.

Ring of Honor

The Lions honor all-time greats through the Ring of Honor. The Ring of Honor provides fans a great opportunity to remember all-time Lions greats as well as the incredible moments these players produced.

MGM Grand Tunnel Club

The Tunnel Club gives the Lions fans the chance to get an up-close glimpse of the Lions as they enter and leave the locker room. You’ll also get unlimited food and drinks as well as deluxe lounge seating. If you’re looking to attend a Lions game in style, look no further than the MGM Grand Tunnel Club.

Thanksgiving Day Game

Playing on Thanksgiving day is one of the biggest Detroit Lions football traditions, and as a result, Thanksgiving has become synonymous with the Lions. The Lions began playing on Thanksgiving in 1934 when they lost 19-16 to the Chicago Bears. The Lions have amassed a record of 37-38-2 on Thanksgiving with the Green Bay Packers being the Lions most common opponent. The Lions will look to take down the Eagle this Thanksgiving and extend their win streak to 5 games.

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Using #OnePride gives fans the opportunity to be featured on the scoreboard at Ford Field as well as on Detroit Lions social media channels. If you want to get on the scoreboard, make sure to use #OnePride and show off your great Lions game day experience.

Fight Songs

  1. Gridiron Heroes

    Gridiron Heroes has been the Detroit Lions fight song since the late 1930’s making it one of the oldest in the NFL. It is played after every Lions scores and victory, so be sure to learn the lyrics and join in on its singing.

    Hail the colors Blue and Silver let them wave.
    Sing their song and cheer the Gridiron Heroes brave,
    Fighting for fame, winning the game,
    Dashing to victory as they go.
    Forward down the field,
    A charging team that will not yield.
    And when the Blue and Silver wave,
    Stand and cheer the brave.
    Rah, Rah, Rah.
    Go hard, win the game.
    With honor you will keep your fame.
    Down the field and gain,
    A Lion victory!

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