When you arrive at the tailgate, you’ll be greeted by the sights, sounds, and smells of one of the best pre-game parties around. Everyone will be dressed head to toe in Honolulu blue as they prepare to cheer on the Lions to victory. You’ll also smell the delicious aromas of grilled meat particularly sausages and burgers.

Ford Field is located in downtown Detroit, so there is also a large bar and restaurant scene that warrants being checked out. This is unique from a lot of other NFL stadiums where you are far removed from downtown and tailgating is your only option. Whether you’re setting up a tailgate or hitting up the bars, you can’t go wrong when attending a Lions game.

The one drawback to Ford Field’s downtown location is the fact the official Lions tailgate location Eastern Market is a bit of a ways away from the stadium. Have no fear though as shuttles are run regularly between Eastern Market and Ford Field, so you won’t have to worry about missing the game. You can even get a free voucher for the shuttle bus when eating at a local restaurant before the game. Regardless of where you tailgate, you’ll surely have a great time at a Detroit Lions game.



Playing on Thanksgiving day is one of the biggest Detroit Lions football traditions and as a result, Thanksgiving has become synonymous with the Lions. The Lions began playing on Thanksgiving in 1934 when they lost 19-16 to the Chicago Bears. The Lions have amassed a record of 34-38-2 on Thanksgiving with the Green Bay Packers being the Lions most common opponent. The Lions will look to take down the Eagle this Thanksgiving and extend their win streak to 3 games.

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Bud Light Tailgate at Pride Plaza

If you’re looking to join in on the pre-game festivities, but don’t want to set up your tailgate than the Bud Light Tailgate at Pride Plaza is the pre-game destination for you. Here you’ll find a free tailgate party that offers live entertainment and activities in addition to local food and drinks.

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Eastern Market

Eastern Market provides one of the best Lions game tailgate spots. Here you’ll find plenty of space to park and set up your tailgate party. Make sure to get your parking pass in advance though as you need a pass to park in this lot. If you’re looking to set up your tailgate party, then Eastern Market is the spot for you.

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Where to tailgate

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