1. John Mason

Not only is John Mason one of the best PA announcers in the NBA, but he is also the creator of the Pistons famed Deee-troit basketball chant. His player introductions will give you goose bumps, so come prepared to get pumped up.

2. Championship Banners and Retired Numbers

The Pistons have numerous banners hanging from the rafters commemorating their championships and all-time greats. Love them or hate them, the Pistons have had some of the greatest players and teams in NBA history so make sure to check these out.

3. Palace 360

The new state of the art Palace 360 scoreboard system is one of the most impressive in the NBA. Thanks to this new scoreboard system you’ll be able to keep track of the game no matter where you are in the arena.

4. Deee-troit Basketball

There are few chants around the NBA that resonate with a fanbase as much as the Deee-troit Basketball chant. Come prepared to belt out this chant along with the Pistons PA announcer John Mason during your trip to Detroit.

5. Hooper

Pistons fans love Hooper, and it will become apparent why during your visit to The Palace. Hooper gets into lots of fun shenanigans during the game, so keep your eye out for him.

6. Pistons Entertainment Team

This group of talented men and women provide fantastic in-game entertainment through a variety of dance routines. You’ll be wowed by the Pistons Entertainment Team as you’ll never know what moves they’ll pull off next.

7. Pistons Drumline

The Pistons Drumline puts on an incredible show that will keep you entertained during the stoppages in play. The drumline will also get you pumped up and ready to cheer on the Pistons so stay in your seats, so you don’t miss their performances.

8. Pistons Locker Room Store

If you’re looking to grab some swag then the Pistons Locker Room Store is the place to do so. You’ll be able to find any Pistons gear you could imagine here, so make sure to stop by and pick up a souvenir.

9. Theme Nights

The Pistons offer three theme nights over the weekend giving you extra incentive to enjoy weekend games. These themes include Friday Night Out, Super Saturdays, and Motor City Sundays.

10. Luxury Suites

The Palace was one of the first NBA arenas to feature an abundance of luxury suites, so enjoy the game in style by renting one. Those of you looking for a premium in game experience will without a doubt find one here in Detroit.

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