1. The Runway

The Runway connects the berm and first base concourse and also is an excellent place to grab a drink. Here you’ll find a 360-degree view of the action on the field as well as drink rails, beach chairs, unique food and drinks, a view of the bullpen, and displays showcasing the history of TigerTown.

2. Autographs

The best place to get an autograph from your favorite Tigers players is along the right field line between the clubhouse and the Tigers dugout. If for some reason you can’t get close to the field in one of these sections, you’ll also have the opportunity to get close to Tigers players outside of the ballpark near the right-field corner.

3. Kids Playground

Those of you who are taking the kids to the game will want to check out the playground adjacent to the berm. The playground features inflatables, a whiffle ball field, and other kids games, so stop by and enjoy the fun during the game.

4. The D Shop

The D Shop behind home plate is the largest Tigers team store in Joker Marchant Stadium and the perfect place to pick up a souvenir from your trip to spring training. You’ll find all kinds of Tigers merchandise here, so stop by and check it out during your visit.

5. TigerTown

When attending spring training in Lakeland, Florida, you’ll want to make sure to check out the Tigers’ TigerTown Complex. The TigerTown Complex is home to the Tigers’ practice fields and presents an excellent opportunity for you to see your favorite players warm up. Practices typically start around 9:30 am, but you’ll need a BP Pass if you want to watch the Tigers take batting practice before the game. Another downside to the Tigers practice rules is that after spring training games start, you won’t be allowed to enter TigerTown. However, you’ll be able to watch the action on Al Kaline Field, Field 2, and Field 3 from behind the outfield fences.

6. On Deck Suite

The On Deck Suite lets you feel like you’re watching the game in your living room thanks to its comfortable seating, all-inclusive buffet, and HD TVs. The suite is perfect for groups of 48 to 60, so reserve it for your visit to Joker Marchant Stadium this spring.

7. Berm Bar

If you’re looking to grab a drink during the game, then head on over to the Berm Bar. The Berm Bar in left field features drink rails, 360-degree bar seating, picnic tables, and most importantly a wide selection of drinks.

8. Pepsi Pavilion

The Pepsi Pavilion is a great place to hold a group event for 30 to 200 people. Here you’ll find it easy to socialize with everyone in your party thanks to the wide variety of seating options including fixed seats, picnic tables, and drink rails.


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9. Hooters Dugout

The Hooters Dugout is an excellent place to watch the game if you want to get close to the players. This premium seating area is perfect for groups of 20 to 40 and puts you right next to the dugout and the field.

10. The 34 Club

Watch a Tigers spring training game in style from The 34 Club. The 34 Club is located above sections 200 and 201 and offers an upscale experience that pays tribute to the Tigers time in Lakeland as well as an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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