In a town where they endure anywhere from five to six months of a harsh winter, baseball means spring. Detroit fans love coming out to Comerica Park and supporting the Tigers and some fans come specifically for the pre-game celebration. The Tigers fan base is fiercely loyal to their team, and you can feel the love the city has for their team all around Comerica Park. Tailgating in the surrounding parking lots at Comerica Field is not allowed, but that doesn’t stop Detroit fans from partying and celebrating on Tigers game day.

It’s safe to say that the fans of Detroit were a little hesitant when the historic Tigers Stadium was replaced by Comerica Park, but in the long run, Detroiters have embraced the new park and the love and loyalty can still be felt inside and surrounding the stadium. Whether fans are there because they’re die-hard Tigers fans or just  want to enjoy being outside after a long winter, Comerica Park offers a great atmosphere for tailgating and a day of baseball.


Tiger Statues

Both inside and outside, you’ll see lots of statues of tigers at Comerica Park. Lining the outside of the park are thirty-three tiger heads with light up baseballs in their mouths, and there is a giant tiger statue located outside the stadium’s main entrance that presents an excellent photo op. Take a walk around the park and see all of the tiger statues before the game.

Giant Baseball Bats

Stop by and check out the giant baseball bats near the main entrance of Comerica Park. The bats along with the tigers statues on the plaza are a must-see for anyone visiting Comerica.

Where to tailgate

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